Photos courtesy of my colleague Michael Anderson, who today is wearing a pair of Skidz pants and a Hypercolor t-shirt.

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This is such a class organization. Reds fans have it great. I cannot think of any other organization or group of players that would do something like this for fans. Great job Reds.

I absolutely loved the event, I had a great time. I love all the pictures of the guys. Drew Stubbs and Joey Votto have my vote for best dressed.

This was so much fun! Everyone was hilarious! So proud to be a Reds fan!

Is there any plans of the Reds selling a DVD of the uncut event?? I could not attend the event but I would love to buy a copy of it. They could have the proceeds go the the Reds Community Fund just like the tickets for the event did.

holy drew stubbs, batman. wowsers. i could break my “no athletes” rule for him.

Great pics! This was such a fun event and I’m really glad I decided to go last night. Really fun time! =)

WOW – Did the Cowboy get a sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola? And please tell me Jay Bruce isn’t borrowing Johnny’s hair gel! LOL Great show, Great pics! Congrats to all!

No doubt that my favorite picture is Scott Rolen with his daughter.

this is chris Heisey, not Bruce with the gel..

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