Renteria… already?

I see no prob with Renteria tonight…i think i saw that he was 4 for 8….against Marcum…could be wrong…but i think that’s correct…

gomes/bruce switch? With a righty on the mound? Any ideas for that?

I love watching Wood pitch. I think he’s awesome.

I really like Hanigan, however I think “Razor” Ramon Hernandez deserves another start…

Hope Renteria does terrible so that everyone can realize Janish is 10 times better!

Being that its the second game of the year, its probably good for Renteria and Hanigan to get a start since they will be contributing regularly..but I definitely agree that Hernandez deserves the benefit of the doubt after Thursday.

i think you have to switch rolen and bruce. not sure about taking yanish out already? but they know best.i hope.

Being so early in the season, Dusty probably had his lineups for this weekend made up prior to he series. I would never wish the worst for any player on the Reds. What’s that all about?

Homes has got to be Heisey’s backup. He is such a defensive liability.

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