Love me some REDS🙂 GO REDS!!!

Love the Reds but I cant stand announcer Cowboy or Cueto or Volquez . Cowboy Moans and groans when he talks. Cueto cause he is a thug that ended Larues Career and Volquez do i have to say more we gave up an offensive Jaggernaut for this guy he is very unprofessional in attitude in the way he dresses and the stupid way he chomps on his gum

It was sad to see as many fans leaving early especially on Opening Day as I saw on Thursday! I know the odds are that the Reds would probably NOT win, but in baseball it isn’t over until the last out is recorded. Didn’t they prove that point enough during last season? Those same people probably leave a NASCAR race early just to beat the traffic. What is the point of going?

I am sure everyone could find something they don’t like about certain announcers, players, etc. I personally think that Gomes needs to stop that whole ‘every pitch’ routine, but if that is his thing, then oh well. I probably do something that he doesn’t like. That is what makes us all who we are and not robots. Try and enjoy the game without getting all caught up in the nonsense like I do.

Well said, John. However, I actually do know a person who is a robot.

And I can’t stand Marty the hyper-critical ! Larue’s career had been over a long time and hamilton is an injury ready to happen. Maybe focus on what ya like instead.

I remember Boone use to do the same thing that gomes does except it wasn’t as bad. Boone just tighten up his gloves. gomes is gloves helmet shirt back to helmet back to shirt

I am a diehard reds fan. win lose or draw. and i love the annoncers.nancy jo harber

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