Don’t forget to pick up your tickets for Sunday’s Reds Un-Cut: Live at the Arnoff

It’s going to be a great time and you’ll be able to see your favorite Reds players like you never have before. 

The event takes place Sunday at the Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati.  Doors open at 6pm ET and the show starts at 7.  Pricing starts as low as $25 and you might even get to participate as part of the show! 

Every Reds player and broadcaster will appear at the event. 

I was asked to write Reds broadcaster bios for the show’s playbill (“Playball”)…

Here’s what I came up with…

Marty Brennaman: A Cincinnati legend and a National Baseball Hall of Famer, Marty Brennaman is the indispensable voice of the Reds.  He began his Reds broadcasting career in 1869, the same year the club became the game’s first professional team. He has since missed just one game (to attend his child’s retirement party).  Marty enjoys cross-stitching, playing bridge and hitchhiking.  

 Jeff Brantley: An all-star reliever who won the 1996 Rolaids Relief Man Award with 44 saves for the Reds, Jeff is in his fifth season as a Reds broadcaster.  In May of 2010 he officially became the last known American man with a perm.  Jeff spends his off-seasons driving a Mr. Softee truck and breeding bloodhounds.

 Thom Brennaman: Thom is in his fifth season as a Reds broadcaster and one of the lead announcers on FOX for college and NFL football.  An established and well-respected broadcaster in his own right, Thom is the son of Marty, and together, their combined 271 years calling baseball games is unmatched.  In January 2009, Thom was named the national spokesmodel for Garanimals Children’s Clothing.   

 Chris Welsh: Chris is in his 19th season as a Reds TV analyst following a 5-year Major League Career with the Padres, Expos, Rangers and Reds.  In addition to his short stint as a baseball player, he also enjoyed a short stint as Tom Selleck’s stunt double on the hit 1980s TV show “Magnum P.I.”  When not calling Reds games or throwing rocks at his old elementary school, Chris enjoys Tonka trucks and studying Pig Latin.

 Jim Kelch: Jim is in his second season as a full-time Reds broadcaster after spending several years as the play-by-play voice of the Reds triple-A Louisville Bats.  Kelch spends his spare time performing in local taverns and armories as an Elvis impersonator.  One of three graduates of Bradley University, Jim lives in a van down by the river.

 Jeff Piecoro: Jeff is in his 13th season as a host of FOX Sports Ohio’s Emmy Award-winning pre-game show, Reds Live.  Jeff played football for the University of Kentucky from 1980-2001 and earned his degree in Physical Existence.  He is a big fan of working out in front of mirrors and listening to Menudo (the original Puerto Rican boy band).

 Jim Day: Jim is in his 10th season as a host of FOX Sports Ohio’s Emmy-Award winning pre-game show, Reds Live.  Considered the “Vin Scully” of monster truck and tractor-pull broadcasting, Jim spent several years in loud, dirty arenas covering the action of such athletes as “Grave Digger,” “Bigfoot,” and the “Carolina Crusher.”  Jim is currently writing his autobiography entitled, “Please, Help Me.”

 Joe Zerhusen: The voice of Great American Ball Park, Joe has been the Reds public address announcer since 2003.  He also allegedly serves in another capacity with the organization but that hasn’t quite been determined as of press time. Joe got his start in the business by holding up cardboard signs along an Indianapolis freeway, claiming to have a golden voice but no job.  He’s currently on his 14th minute of fame. 


I hope you can make it to the show on Sunday!  I’ll be looking for you!!



I just laughed out loud. Well done! I wish I didn’t have to miss it.

HAHA! Those are fabulous! I’ll be at the event on Sunday (we’re in the balcony but we got front row up there!) and I’m really looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!! =)

I knew it! Marty looks like a cross stitch lover! Hysterical!!!!

Hehe, Brilliant! I love it. I can’t wait to see the show!

Nice. I can’t wait to hear Marty’s reaction.

I can’t wait this is gonna be fun I’m in balcony third row.

Hilarious! Nice job🙂

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