In my final Reds Fantasy Camp Journal, I told you about camper Pat Clark who collapsed on the field before one of our games.

Well, I receieved an email this morning from one of my Fantasy Camp pals, Tom Englehart….

Hi Jamie,

What an incredible Opening Day!  It was great to get the season going and to do with a come-from-behind win was even sweeter.

The only thing that could make the day any better was seeing Pat Clark there.  Pat drove up from Owensboro, KY for the Brewers series.  He looks great, says he feels well and promises that he will be attending Reds Fantasy Camp in 2012.  Seeing him made my day.

I’ve attached a picture of Pat and me at the game today.  Hope all is well with you.  I continue to follow … because I’m “Better off Red”.

Go Reds!

Tom Englehart (left) and Pat Clark

Tom Englehart (#11 No Show Mo’s)

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Thanks for the update on Pat, it’s great to see that he is doing better.

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