Here are some recent questions Tweeted to me (@Jamieblog) with the #AskBOR hashtag…

@freida_palooza –  any plans for post ASG concert/party like hammertime last year? #askbor

BOR: In addition to our postgame Faith Concerts (4/16 featuring Jeremy Camp & 7/31 featuring MercyMe), the Rusty Griswolds will be performing at GABP on Opening Night (4/2). 

The Reds are currently working on possibly booking more concerts for the 2011 season.  When something becomes official, I’ll post it here on BOR.


@bradsc6 – With Homer Bailey out of options could this be his last year with the Reds if he doesn’t have a breakout season? AND – after watching him through spring training, do you think Votto has was it takes to repeat as MVP? #AskBOR?

BOR: First, it’s hard to say if Homer Bailey makes next year’s club when this year’s team isn’t even set.  I do know there are some folks in this organization who think Homer might have the best “stuff” on the staff and say if he can get his pitch counts down, he has what it takes to be an ace.  

As for Votto, he’s the most focused player I’ve ever been around in my tenure with the Reds.  He takes his craft as serious as anyone who’s probably ever played the game.  He’s in great shape, he works hard in the cage, he works hard taking grounders and he’s a winner.  He’s succeeded at every level he’s played, including the Majors, so I anticipate Joey becoming a great great player for a long time.  He’s the real deal and could repeat as the MVP. 


@rwstedman – Do the reds have a old school bullpen car? #AskBOR

BOR: Yes, we make our interns drive it uptown each afternoon to fetch our lunch.  Actually we do still have the old bullpen car and it’s resting in storage, patiently awaiting the day that relievers once again become too lazy to walk/run from the bullpen to the mound.


@bcballer000 – hey Jamie, what’s your opinion on who will be on the reds bench and in the bullpen for opening day? #AskBOR

BOR: I’m not at liberty to publicly speculate on how the roster will shake out.  But I did some arithmetic today and here’s a generic look at what I came up with:

If the Reds keep 11 pitchers (not including Cueto), I see six guys fighting for two open spots (I’ll leave you to figure out those pitchers). 

The club doesn’t want a guy’s “options” to affect whether he makes the team or not, but in order for a player out of options to be sent down to the minors  (thus, not making the 25-man roster), he first has to clear waivers. 

(I listed in my previous post the players who no longer have options available)

The 25th guy will probably come down to one of the following five position players (assuming the team goes with 11 pitchers): Francisco, Valaika, Hermida, Sappelt, Miller.


@SigmaChi1219 –  I just booked a Riverboat deck party on 4/30! Can you promise a win that night?

BOR: I can promise that a team will win that night, yes.


Thanks for the questions!  If you’d like something answered or addressed, tweet me (@Jamieblog) with the hashtag #AskBOR.

As always, thanks for logging on!!!

Expect good news!



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