The BOR Reds State Challenge has returned…

Hope it’s not too late, but we’re still here in Illinois. We’re only about 15 minutes across the river, which makes it easy for us to make it to all the Reds games in STL!
These pictures are from the series in early September at Busch when my aunt and uncle came out from Cinicinnati to catch the games with us! They brought Gomes Gnomes along with them, and we even saw some other people had too!
Oh and I promise my mom IS wearing a Reds shirt under her Ankiel jersey! We usually just pretend to not know her while she’s sporting Cardinals apparel.


reds (3).jpg


Here’s a couple more Iowa Reds fans. This is my oldest son, Alex, and I at game 3 of the NLDS last fall. Despite the outcome of the game it was the best time I’ve ever had at a baseball stadium. I watched the 90 WS team on TV (I was 14) and never would have dreamed I’d be taking my own son to a playoff game 20 years later.
My younger son (7) is named Gable Crosley after Crosley Field and the Wrestler Dan Gable. My father in law grew up near Cincy and saw many game in the Sun Deck at Crosley Field. And my daughter Anderson Rose (4) is named after Sparky and Pete ( my favorite player as a kid). I met Sparky just a week before her birth and gave him a letter explaining our fandom of the Reds, and what my daughter name was going to be. Anderson is also my in law’s last name so I asked Sparky if he would call and break the news to him for me. The day after the convention I met him at he called my father in laws cell phone to tell him his grandaughter was going to share both their names. Another highlight of my life involving Sparky, and he later sent a personalized autographed picture to her.
I coule go on and on, so I better stop now. GO REDS!!!!!
Mike Brooks


HendoCReds2010.JPGGreetings from Germany,

Came across your blog today and thought I’d submit a foreign entry. If you must have a state, mine is Bavaria. Keep in mind that Munich and Cincinnati are sister cities.

Grew up in Cincy, lived various places in US and then moved to Munich in 1999. Still following the Reds from afar.

Photos attached: Christmas 1959 when I received a uniform as a Christmas present, and summer 2010 at a picnic in Munich. Fifty years later and same goofy grin shows.


Steve Henderson


all star reds mickey.JPGDavid and Oscar from Los Angeles. picture taken during 2010 All Star Game week, the Reds Mickey Mouse was in Hollywood.



We live in McLean, VA but are lifelong Reds fans.   We catch Reds game when they come to town to beat the Nationals.   Reds fans typically outnumber the Nats fans!   I see there is a big representation for VA so I thought we could add to the lead!  This picture is of myself, my son, Michael and daughter Annabel.  

Tim Beatty


Parker saluting Reds Flag with updated text.jpg
The photo of my son was sent in to the Reds online magazine a few years ago.  He was awarded with a photo of Jr. Try being a kid rooting for an out of town team.  Until this year, he has had plenty of ammunition to fire back.  This year hurt a little but I think the Reds are poised to give my son the feeling of winning it all.  He is nearly 16 now and hasn’t let up on his passion for the Reds.

My son’s bedroom has an outfield fence on one wall complete with foul pole.  It has the markings of 328, which at one time was the measurement of left field at Crosley Field.

I enjoy reading your blogs.   When I read your blog for the first time I noticed you were a Arcade Fire fan.  One of the best shows I have ever seen.

Good luck this season, Go Reds.

Tom Davis


Let’s take a look at the updated leaderboard, shall we?


If you’d like to participate in the BOR Reds State Challenge, simply send me (jramsey@reds.com) a photo of you pledging your allegiance to our beloved Redlegs. 

In the interest of fairness, the “Caravan States” (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia) have to sit this one out.



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