After days of the same routine, it was finally nice to see some real-live game action…

The Redlegs played a 4 1/2 inning intra-squad game today in preparation for tomorrow’s Cactus League opener.  The “home” team defeated the “away” team, 6-1.  Travis Wood (2ip, 1h, 1r), Dave Sappelt (3-for-3, RBI) and Jonny Gomes (HR off Wood) were the proverbial “stars of the game.” 

I served as the unofficial official scorer and on one play I managed to charge Jay Bruce with an error and take away an RBI from Fred Lewis. I sat next to “The Loose Cannon” John Fay, who bristled at my ruling.  What can I say, I take this stuff very seriously (you can’t say I’m a homer!). 

It also should be noted that the Cannon has an Ipad with a huge scratch running across its screen.  Rumor has it, he went beserk one day and threw it across his living room.  Sad.  The man clearly needs help.

Aside from today’s intra-squad game, there isn’t a whole lot going on.  The weather tomorrow for the “ribbon-cutter” is looking dreadful (rainy, cold). 

Matt Maloney will replace Edinson Volquez (work visa) as tomorrow’s Reds starting pitcher.  Here’s the rest of the lineup…

Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Gomes 7
Renteria 6
Hernandez 2
Lewis DH
Maloney LHP

Aroldis Chapman is the subject of an ESPN The Magazine photo shoot today.  The publication is dressing him up in fancy clothes and snapping pictures of him, all cleaned up.  I’m not sure when that particular issue hits newstands, but it should be a good one.

Technical difficulties are preventing me from posting photos today…sorry!

Try these moving-picture links instead…

Votto looks forward to defending Reds’ division title

Rolen discusses getting ready for 2011

Reds veteran pitcher Bronson Arroyo talks about being the elder statesmen on the Reds and their expectations for 2011 

Reds outfielder Drew Stubbs talks about camp and adjustments he needs to make going into the new season

That’s all for now.  Thanks so much for logging on.  I’ll have lots more tomorrow (and hopefully photos!)

Expect good news,



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