“People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.” – Sandy Koufax

Another beautiful day here in Goodyear, Arizona.  More players continue to file in, including Paul Janish, Drew Stubbs and Edinson Volquez (he had some travel issues).

Enjoy the photos…


“Soft J” Paul Janish is hitting 1.000 this Spring off the tee.


Moments after Drew Stubbs arrived in camp, he belted a 2-run Funkblast off the tee.


I’ll admit, it feels good to type “Funkblast” again.


When Reds prospect Juan Duran performs this stretch, one leg is in California and the other is in Oklahoma. Fact.

IMG_3201.JPGReds prospect and star of the new Fast and the Furious 22 film, Felix Perez.

IMG_3203.JPGOne of the only unblurred photographs of speedster Billy Hamilton. Little known fact, my hometown is named after Billy.

IMG_3204.JPGReds prospect Tucker Barnhart, who was told when he was young that he could grow up to be anything he wanted.  When his aspirations of being a fire hydrant were eventually dashed, he decided to play baseball. 

IMG_3205.JPGIn a contest to see who could throw a baseball the farthest, Yonder Alonso is shown here throwing a ball to Phoenix.

IMG_3214.JPGChris Heisey reached the Grand Canyon with this toss.

IMG_3218.JPGReds prospect Dave Sappelt surprised everyone by reaching the Gulf of Mexico with this line drive bullet throw.

IMG_3219.JPGThis unidentified vagrant smiles for the BOR cameras.

IMG_3220.JPGFor the first time ever, Joe Morgan is relegated to the sidelines.

IMG_3225.JPGDontrelle Willis breaks off a wicked vanishing “crazy ball.”  It’s a new pitch in his aresenal and you’re not allowed (or capable) of seeing it.

IMG_3231.JPGThe Cleveland Indians train right next door on South Wood Blvd.  Reds and Indians players communicate with each other by writing notes on baseballs and throwing them across the way.

IMG_3232.JPGHere’s Edinson Volquez sending a “note” to his friend Austin Kearns


IMG_3233.JPGThe note read: “Kearnsie, tell Cleveland that I don’t care much for LeBron either.”

(author’s note: These captions are all 100% untrue)

IMG_3235.JPGLittle known fact: Joe Morgan does a wonderful Chris Farley as Matt Foley impression.  This photo was snapped seconds before Morgan belted out “van down by the river!” 


This photo was taken moments before the Estrella Mountains toppled down upon Mike Leake.  Leake was not hurt, but he did need most of his hair removed.


Matt Krause and Rob Butcher.  Rob is auditioning to become the newest “Scorpion Brother.”


Ramon Hernandez announced today that he’s quitting catching and becoming a pitcher.


Devin “Snacks” Mesoraco is having a hard time concentrating as he continues to think of the golden days of the 2011 Reds Caravan.


In the offseason, Ryan Hanigan lived in Spain and worked as a bullfighter.


In the offseason Ryan Hanigan lived in Columbus and worked for the Ohio Lottery as the person who pulled out the winning numbers and revealed them to the television audience.


“If you don’t like hamburgers, there’s a seafood place just up the road!  Don’t make me tell you twice!”

IMG_3260.JPGIn the offseason, Logan Ondrusek grew 3 feet.

IMG_3262.JPG“Let’s all stare at Logan until he laughs.”

IMG_3267.JPGAroldis Chapman shown here throwing a ball 287 mph.

IMG_3269.JPGThis was a slider clocked at 174mph

IMG_3270.JPGSomeone told Arodis this morning that Billy Hamilton can run faster than Aroldis can pitch.  Aroldis took exception to this comment, picked up a ball and beaned Billy in the leg.  Billy survived…his leg didn’t.

IMG_3277.JPGReds players watch as a pack of coyotes attack members of the ground crew on one of the adjacent minor league fields.


Sam LeCure doesn’t like to get his photo taken.  He threw this ball at me and nearly broke my nose.


More photos, without captions.













Happy wonderful! Captions have returned, I’m getting strange looks in the office for laughing out loud, and it’s all due to Reds baseball. All’s right with the world.

There must be something about that Arizona air, because you are in rare form with those captions today, Jamie. Awesome pictures yet again. And thanks for the Janish and Hanigan pix as requested; The Gazelle was an added bonus. I am predicting this will Drew Stubbs’ year by far!

There must be something about that Arizona air, because you are in rare form with those captions today, Jamie. Awesome pictures yet again. And thanks for the Janish and Hanigan pix as requested; The Gazelle was an added bonus. I am predicting this will be Drew Stubbs’ year! Can’t wait for the action!

the captionator!

winter terminated!!!

Splendid, Jamie, thanks as always.

Thanks for the Chris Heisey pic too! Got to hang with Chris at a couple of his brother’s basketball games this winter. Great guy…. hoping for a good year for him!

the photos with captions are so much better!!! i was actually laughing so hard i had tears!!! keep up the great work!! go reds!!

laughed my self stupid! Thanks Jamie

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