2011 Reds Rally Pack tryouts

With your fearless leader in the midst of Reds Fantasy Camp, his good buddy Zach Bonkowski checks in with a recap from Saturday’s tryouts for the 2011 John Morrell Reds Rally Pack:

There were just under 100 applicants for the 2011 edition of the Reds Rally Pack.  Of those applicants a lucky 20 were selected to attend today’s tryouts along with 9 members of last year’s squad who were hoping to be selected for another season.  The tryouts were held in the Field Level Media Interview Room of Great American Ball Park – where you have to remember to turn your cell phone off during press conferences (see Ramsey, Jamie). 

During the tryouts the applicants are asked to put their personalities out on display.  Judges from the Reds Promotional Events department wanted to see the 4 E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitability & Eye Black.  Following some icebreaker games, including giving yourself an adjective using alliteration (I went with Zealous Zach, instead of Bearded Bongreatness) the applicants participated in a “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” style game and split up into groups to perform short skits.  Here are some pics from today’s event, along with captions:

rally 1.jpgReturning Rally Packer “Marty” asks the room if anyone is interested in watching a “Glee” marathon after the tryouts.

rally 2.jpgA spot on skit of the Skyline commercial that is sweeping the nation featuring Reds staffers Corey Hawthorne & Ryan Rizzo.

rally 3.jpgEach of our props during today’s audition were borrowed from the office of Reds PR Manager Michael Anderson.

rally 4.jpgA skit titled “Social Network 2: The Rise of Twitter”

rally 5.jpgReturning Rally Packer “Amare” after he performed the drum solo from Van Halen’s 1984 hit “Hot For Teacher”

rally 6.jpgReturning Rally Packer “Erica” impersonates GABP Press Box guard Bob Ganzmiller while 3 would-be press box crashers tell him they “Grew up in Wilmington with Rob Butcher”

And with that we’re proud to announce that joining the 9 returning members of the Reds Rally Pack will be…Awesome Austin, Bubbly Brittany, Marvelous Megan, Memorable Michael & Bodacious Brett.  Congrats to all our returning & new Rally Packers!

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