Remember this?

On October 15, 2010, I blogged about how I was going to lose 35 pounds by February 1, 2011. 

I failed…miserably.

My weight loss mission was filled with inconsistencies.  I’d work out for 2 straight weeks, then I’d get lazy for a week.  I’d eat healthy for a week, then I’d fall right off the wagon the next week.  

Quite frankly, it was extremely difficult to do something that I thought could be easy.

I have no excuses.  I simply didn’t get the job done.

But sometimes where there’s bad, there’s good.  I’ve joined a gym, I stopped eating french fries, I don’t drink soda.  I’ve rejoined my workout friends in the visitor’s weight room at lunch-time.  I’m going to yoga twice a week.  I feel a lot better about myself, despite seeing no physical change. 

I’m going to work harder on my good habits and even harder at ridding myself of the bad ones. 

I’m about to call Arizona home for a month, so I’ll have to adapt to the lifestyle change (more work, less time to exercise/eat right).  Here’s hoping I can do it.  With your help, I can.

I’m so very happy for all of you who’ve joined me in the “BOR Fit Club.”  I’ve received messages from many of you telling me about your weight loss and your exercise regimen and the things you’ve been doing to lead a healthier lifestyle. That’s very gratifying to know BOR helped motivate you, and I’m personally extremely proud of you…all of you.

Just because I’ve reached my deadline doesn’t mean this journey has ended.  In fact, I think maybe it has just begun.

We can do this, right?!





Even if you didn’t meet your goal, you realized that your lifestyle and habits needed to change and that’s really where you have to start. I commend all the effort you made and for sharing it with all of us. Keep it up!

I was just reading an article the other day, arguing that focusing on weight loss can be counter-productive. They suggested that your goal should be to feel better/healthier. By that barometer, it sounds like you’re succeeding. And, thanks so much for creating #BORfitclub. It came just at the time when I was thinking about making some changes and really reinforced the idea. I’ve done far more than I would have on my own. You (and BOR Nation) have been a great source of inspiration and support.
*****In summary: You’re the coolest*****

The number on the scale means nothing bro. How you feel and going first-to-third at fantasy camp is what matters. After all, that’s how we do it in the ‘Nati!


The number on the scale means nothing bro. How you feel and going first-to-third at fantasy camp is what matters. After all, that’s how we do it in the ‘Nati!


I must’ve missed it. Time to start a new one and post results!

The BOR fit club helped me. Thank you. I lost 20 pounds and went from being able to run half a mile to running the PF Chang’s Half Marathon just a couple of weeks ago. I’m in the lottery to run the NYC marathon next November. All of this started because of your October blog about wanting to lose weight.

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