Southern Tour ends Caravan with a bang

Here’s Rob Butcher checking in for the final time on the 2011 Reds Caravan:

The Southern Swagger Tour has completed its successful 12-stop, 4-day run. Because of the flight schedules for several members of our traveling party, we weren’t able to stay late at our stop at The Shops at Lexington Center. We did however, give free ticket vouchers to a couple hundred people who waited patiently in line. Terrific, terrific crowd. That final caravan stop included regulars Jay Bruce, Yasmani Grandal, Tom Browning, Jim Kelch and Phil Castellini, joined by Reds President and CEO Bob Castellini and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan. Joe always draws a crowd.
Overall, we had a great weekend. Jim was an excellent emcee at each stop, and Phil, Walt and the players were funny, charming and informative. I don’t know another team that saturates their market as we do with our three Reds Caravan legs. The media coverage and fan support we get during the four days are off the charts.
Finally, I must recognize those really responsible for the Caravan. Zach Bonkowski is the undisputed leader. He puts together all three legs, and I’m lucky enough to get to partner with him. He’s a buttoned-down dude. I also thank business operations and marketing staff members Bart Conway, Matt Wagner, Brad Barnes, Corey Hawthorne and Casandra Ersel along with Hall of Fame staffers Colin Ethier and Dennis Hasty. Can’t forget Elise Greene and Natalie Anderson, who spent 4 days talking up CincinnatiUSA, our sponsor. Those are the folks who made the events look nice and made them work. Can’t say enough nice things about them.
Southern Swagger Tour signing off until next year. See you at Great American Ball Park.

Lexington Table.jpg
Lexington Crowd2.jpg

Lexington Kids Floor.jpg
Lexington Joe Bob.jpg


Amazing! Please Jamie and everyone else…TEACH Polaris how to have an event! They put how a whole 6..yes 6 chairs!
They should see how Stoops do it!
We had a great time on all 3 legs…
However I would have given about anything to meet Joe Morgan! Oh well…glad all those fans had fun!

so disappointed my kids were the last two to get up there today one kid got his autographs the other one was up there and bruce left that sucks my boy loves bruce and he left him empty handed he was so sad please help contact me at robertclark4cards@gmail please reds help me help him

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