The dramatic conclusion to the 2011 Reds Winter Caravan – West Tour, as written by Marty Brennaman….

‘When you’re having fun, time flies’.  An age old statement that is rarely ever true.  But never more true than now.  It is 1:37pm on Sunday January 30th.  There is a tremendous feeling of sadness along with yes, emptiness over the fact that the Hard Belly Tour starring Bob and the Phat-Ons and featuring Mo and the Pump w/ the Governor is finally over. 

Time will not permit me to adequately render the gathering of greatness that the Rock Star Group has experienced, once again, in 2011.  From our spiritual leader Bob Miller to our inspirational leader Lee May; to Brandon Phillips and Devin Mesoraco and Ryan Freel, Jamie Ramsey and Ryan Rizzo and Mike Middaugh and all of the other great people who work behind the scenes to make this the success that it always is, it is with a mixture of sadness and anger that I reflect up on the memories of the last four days.  Sadness because the great memories have come to an end; anger because there are those who would try and break this group up.  And shame on them if they try it again.

They talk about a band of brothers, you’d find our picture in the dictionary if you were looking for a definition.  It has been another year in which we’ve made history, and believe you-me, in 2012, we will write an even bigger and better chapter. 

To the other two groups, I can only say in closing – pack your stuff up and turn out the lights.

Until next year,
Mercury Marty

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