I received in my inbox today a press release from FS Ohio announcing their 2011 Reds broadcast team.  Here are the highlights…

  • Former Red Sean Casey, who never met a person that didn’t like him, is joining the FS Ohio team for approximately 15 games and endless “awesome mans” and “hey buddys”.
  • Thom Brennaman returns for his fifth season to serve as the main play-by-play voice for the majority of FS Ohio Reds broadcasts.  It’s in his contract to wear his infamous green trousers at least once a homestand. 
  • Chris Welsh enters his 19th season with FS Ohio and will once again be the lead color analyst for the network’s Reds telecasts.  No word on whether his moustache will return, though.
  • Jeff Brantley is coming back.
  • Jim Kelch will take on an expanded role this season for FS Ohio.  In 2010, Kelchie completed his first full season as a play-by-play announcer on Reds Radio and did an excellent job.
  • Jim Day and Jeff Piecoro will both continue their roles as co-hosts of Reds Live pre- and postgame shows.  This is great for me, personally, because it means another season of Day’s spot-on impression of Karl Childers from Sling Blade, and Piecoro’s fist-bumps.
  • George Grande continues to enjoy his retirement.  However he’s available to fill-in if the need arises.  FS Ohio says we can expect to hear from George on a select number of games.
  •  Paul Keels is not returning due to his commitment to Ohio State athletics.  I’m disappointed to hear that because Paul is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.  He was great to be around in 2010 and I’ll personally miss his presence in ’11. 



OMG!!! love Sean Casey! I’m so excited for this season! And I’m glad Jim Day and Jeff Piecoro will be back, they’re both great guys🙂

Welsh and Brantley are probably shaking in their boots about the new guy on the block. It’ll be interesting to get to hear Casey at the mike.

I am glad that the “Mayor” will be around for some games and that the whole crew except for Paul will be back.
I sure do miss George Grande but am glad he is happy.

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