Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Reds fans across the country…

It’s time again to recognize Reds fanatics from the fabulous United States of America.  That’s right, it’s time for another edition of the BOR Reds State Challenge!

SteveS.JPGHi Jamie,

South Dakota needs some representation.  There are a few Reds fans here!
The black bat is a 1990 Reds World Series Champions, I got autographed at a sportscard show in Lincoln, Nebraska by Billy Hatcher.  This was a Christmas present from my parents in 1990.  I got the McFarlane Joe Morgan this year for Christmas from my sister.  My two boys Alex and Tyler are also showing off their Reds shirts.


Steve Schumacher


422.JPGHey Jamie, My name is Bill Smith III from Milford,Connecticut and I’ve been a huge Reds fan since the early 70s…the Big Reds Machine Years! My all time idol is Pete Rose and I actually met him once at an autograph signing here in Connecticut in the late 80s. I subscribe to the MLB package so I never miss a game and Im so excited about the Reds future.They have a great hitting team and they have so many good looking young pitchers! I know you are also are a huge Reds fan so I just wanted to give you a little info about myself.

These pictures are from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville,Ct.that include my wife Jenny and I. Pictured next to the Milford Bank are myself,Jenny,my sister in law Young Ja and her dog Arie. Subway’s World Headquarters are located in Milford,Ct. I lived in Milford,Ct. my entire life and moved to Seymour,Ct. 4 months ago.  Also included are pictures of  my 2 St.Bernards Morgan and Molly. Morgan weighs 205 lbs! Im sure Marge Schott would’ve loved them! Anyways we had we had a great time taking these pictures and thanks for giving Connecticut this opportunity! Lets Go Reds!  Take Care and Happy New Year Jamie! 

Bill Smith III


PatButcher.JPGJamie –
I see Missouri is getting shutout for the BOR State Challenge.  Here is a picture of my wife and myself in St Louis during this years Labor Day weekend series.  We live outside of Kansas City and make the 3 1/2 hr trip to see the Reds a couple times a year – no other really good reason for us to go to St Louis.
Love your blog.  I read it daily.  You do a a great job keeping us out of town Reds fans up to date on what’s going on with the team.  Good luck with getting back on the BOR Fit Club train.  Can’t wait to follow you during your Fantasy Camp experience.  Have a great rest of the “off season” – spring training is just around the corner.      
Pat Butcher
Lees Summit, Mo


scan0003.jpgHey Jamie

Another entry from Dallas, lifelong reds fan, since 1968, thank god we have Direct TV & the Extra Innings package now, makes it a lot easier to be a fan….these are some recent photos of part of my Johnny Bench “shrine” and some of my Reds collection, it now sprawls into two rooms in the house, gotta love Ebay!

We make at least one trip down to Houston every year & have seen the Reds in 11 different stadiums.

Keep on doing what you are doing, love your show!

Steve Zeigler
McKinney, Texas


PatrickGraham.JPGJamie–my fiancee and I at Wrigley 7/1/10..I am a Dayton native in Charleston, SC.  She’s a Georgia girl, so Braves/Reds series are interesting..see y’all in just a few weeks!!
Patrick Graham
Leigh Ann Burns
Charleston, SC


Now let’s take a look at the updated leaderboard, shall we?


Congratulations to South Dakota and Missouri for finally answering the Challenge!

If you’d like to represent your state in the BOR Reds State Challenge, simply email me ( a photo proving your Reds allegiance, along with a note stating where you’re from. 


One of the best gifts I received this Christmas was the full DVD set of Ken Burns’ Baseball (including the 10th Inning).

The other night I watched “The Third Inning,” featuring the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. 

From that episode, I came across an interesting bit of trivia that I thought maybe you Reds fans would appreciate…

The man who blew the whistle on the White Sox for “throwing” the 1919 World Series was a writer named Hugh Fullerton.  Fullerton was actually one of the founders of the Baseball Writers Association of America and was portrayed in the film Eight Men Out by writer Studs Terkel.

You all know which team the White Sox lost to in the 1919 Series, right?  The Reds, of course.  Well, ironically enough, Fullerton began his writing career in Cincinnati and at one time covered the Reds.  He was born in Rainsboro, Ohio, less than 70 miles from Cincinnati.  He eventually moved on to Chicago where he became a key player in uncovering the Black Sox Scandal.  

Because he’s a Hall of Famer who at one point in his career covered our Redlegs, he has his own plaque at the press box entrance in Great American Ball Park (as well as in the Reds Hall of Fame).



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I just love reading the stories of all the Reds fans from around the country. I just about wet myself when I saw Steve’s Johnny Bench collection! I am jealous🙂 Keep up the great work Jamie, and let’s go Reds fans (especially those from New York), let’s keep Jamie busy posting those pictures.

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