Welcome back to normalcy, boys and girls. 

Three days into the new year and this one is probably the most dreaded day of the year.  Back to work, back to school, no more gifts, no more decorations, stale candy in the dish (if any at all), fantasy football is over, no more holiday specials on TV, the kids are already tired of their new toys, you already used up your gift cards, etc., etc., etc….

I think we all need a pick-me-up, what do you think?  Well, how about this:

  • There are 46 days until Spring Training
  • There are 87 days until Opening Day
  •  There are 24 days until the kick off of the Reds Caravan.

Does that bring a brief hint of warm sunshine into your life or what?!

IMG_1854.JPGI hope all of you had a great holiday and enjoyed any time off that you had to celebrate.  Just like you, the hard working staff here at BOR Headquarters (see above) is back to work and ready to catch up.  So, without further ado…

I’m very late in getting this posted but with yesterday’s Bengals season-finale, it could be somewhat relevant…

Loyal BOR reader Eric King attended a Bengals game in November and couldn’t help but to cheer for the Reds…


Thanks, Eric! 


One half of the Royal Ladies of Better Off Red, Mary-Beth Muething checks in…

Good Morning –
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!!  Ours was great.  Thought you would enjoy the attached pictures.  I think I’ve told you that both Daniel and Tony primarily play catcher for their respective Little League teams.  Well for Christmas both boys asked me for their own set of catcher’s gear, red of course.  I give them a lot of credit for knowing that Aunt Beth (that’s me), being just the right combination of baseball fanatic and easy touch in the gift-giving department, was the right person to make this request to.  The Molina brothers have nothing on the Schofield boys!

Catchers 1.jpg

Catchers 2.jpg


Here’s 9 year-old Isabel from Rochester, NY showing off her brand new Reds American Girl doll outfit…

Isabel reds doll 2.JPG

The adorable Isabel is the niece of the lovely Lauren Imwalle and friend of the somewhat normal-looking Ryan Rizzo


Hey don’t forget to send in your Burt BobbleRed photos!

This one is from Nick Howard



BOR Fit Club Update:

I know it’s popular this time of the year to join a gym, but that’s exactly what I did over the weekend.  I got a good rate and figured it could help me reach my BOR Fit Club goals as well as help get me in shape for Reds Fantasy Camp.

If you’re thinking about going to a gym, here’s a little bit of advice:

1. Don’t be intimidated.  No matter what you think, nobody at the gym is there to watch you workout, so be yourself and do your thing.  You’re there for YOU.

2. Find a gym where your fees include fitness classes.  Some gyms charge extra for classes.  Mine doesn’t, which is what made my decision to join very easy.  And take advantage of the classes.  Whether it’s yoga, spinning, dancing, boot-camp, pilates, etc., use them! 


That’s all for now.  Keep logging on for more stuff!

Thanks so much!  Go Reds!!



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