The BOR Reds State Challenge keeps plugging away, from coast to coast, boarder to boarder.  Let’s take a look…


2010-12-26 12.58.40.jpg

Hi Jamie,

We both have been Reds fans from a young age, since we grew up in Cincinnati and enjoyed the Big Red Machine.  We now live in NE Oregon and continue to be avid fans by watching games on satellite TV, attending spring training now that it is Arizona and going to games in person when we can.  One photo is of me at the Reds vs. Seattle game in June when Johnny Cueto nearly out-dueled Cliff Lee in the 1 – 0 loss.  My favorite player was Joe Morgan growing up and now my fav. is Ryan Hanigan.  The other photo is of Greg with his Reds hat on at our local ski resort in NE Oregon.  His favorite player growing up was Johnny Bench.  Really enjoy your blog all year and especially in the “dark” months.

Love your sense of humor,
Mary and Greg Dyson




Attached is my North Carolina entry for the Reds State Challenge. I couldn’t make it to the division clincher this past fall, so I’ve attached a picture of me enjoying my celebratory champagne at home. I’d also like to thank you for starting BOR Fit Club and giving me some motivation to work out more. It’s amazing how social media can provide such support (my twitter is @bho52).

Love the blog, keep up the great work.

Go Reds!

Robert Hoekstra




Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!
We love reading your blog to keep up with all the Red’s info.  Here is a picture of the Bolsen sisters (Carol Sims & Amy Wilson) with Tom Browning on Pedro & Chris’s Hall of Fame induction weekend.  We took my niece and her family to 3 Red’s games in June last year.  We have all of her family with us in the Christmas photo.  We are looking forward to having another good year and coming back for more games.  Hope this gives Oklahoma a chance at winning the challange.
Happy New Year,
Amy Wilson, Carol Sims, Joyce, Wes, Chelsea, Leslie and Kylee Taylor, and Brook



Hi Jamie,

This is Chris Sabo’s Goggles (Brian’s) dog, Geordie. When she’s not eating 2 lbs. of M&M’s and spending the night in the doggy ER while Brian is at Redsfest, she proudly walks around Chicago wearing her Cincinnati Reds collar. She also likes to laugh at dogs wearing Cubs collars when they walk by.

Happy Holidays and GO REDS!

Chris Sabo’s Goggles


CliffButcher.jpg Here is a picture of my son and I watching game three of the playoffs, trying to rally the Reds late in the game, at my home in Anchorage,Alaska. My daughter and I after her soccer game. I hope this puts Alaska on the board.
      Cliff Butcher

“God,Family and the Cincinnati Reds.”





Hello Jamie,

Long time Reds fan since 1966  from snowy western New York, East Amherst to be exact,where I very proudly display my Reds flag in my yard.  We have gone to see the Reds in person every season for the past 11 consecutive years, if not in Cincinnati then in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and in Sarasota.  Hopefully we’ll be adding Goodyear, to the list in the not to distant future.  I attached photos
of a few of our trips to see the Reds.   My son Jon  and I and my wife
Debbie and I at tired old Ed Smith Stadium,  Debbie and my daughter Lindsay at PNC Park this past August.  To everyone at BOR, have a happy holiday season and see ya’ll in Cincinnati some time in 2011.

Dan Howaniec
East Amherst,NY



Here is a picture of my son Ben on our trip to Cincinnati this past summer during the rain delay on July 17 against the Rockies.
David Lovette
Hope Mills, NC



My wife and I moved to New Orleans a couple of years ago to pursue our graduate degrees. We listen to and watch as many Reds games as possible while down here. Our daughter Annabelle was born to be Reds fan (hence the shirt). She is only 4 weeks old and she is already cheering them on. Even our dog, Hoss, enjoys getting dressed up to cheer on the Reds. Here’s to next year and winning it all.
Andrew, Amy, and Annabelle Dryer




I keep reminding my parents to submit their entry for the State Challenge, alas, they still haven’t done so and the representation of their home state has been, well, abysmal, so I’m doing it for them.

We moved to Cincinnati from Upstate New York in 1987. My dad was a Mets fan at the time (thank goodness not a Yankees fan), and he took me to my first Reds game in the summer of 1987, a game against the Mets. It was back in the days when Mookie Wilson played for the Mets and my dad had perfected a calling for Wilson similar to today’s calling for Jay Bruce (it went something like “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-kie”). It could be heard on the WLW broadcasts of the Reds/Mets games it was so loud. My dad is the one who taught me my bellowing “BOOOOOOOO” reserved only for significantly terrible calls. Reds baseball became a HUGE part of our lives over the years… my dad was the dad in the neighborhood that would gather up all the kids in the neighborhood and pile in the mini-van and head down to Riverfront for the Top 6 tickets. I was allowed a hot dog in the 2nd inning and a frosty malt at the seventh-inning stretch. A coincidence that this remains my game-time food routine… I think not! Over the years, we saw many great moments… Eric Davis hitting for the cycle in 1989 was probably my best memory and one summer at GE Day I got to go on the field and throw a baseball from homeplate to second base and hit a target, a GE logo. I hit it on the button and scored some club seats to a game, my first time in club seating. MANY great memories!

My parents moved to South Carolina three years ago, which has been a huge adjustment! My parents have the Greenville Drive (a Single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox) in their town, and while attending their games is a regular activity for my parents and for me while I’m visiting during the season, it just doesn’t compare to an experience at GABP… especially those this past season! The picture I’ve attached was taken Memorial Day weekend, 2010. It was ACC Alumni night at GAPB (my parents are both Virginia Tech grads… Go Hokies!). We’re decked out in Hokie and Reds gear (note my Virginia Tech orange and maroon Cincinnati Reds cap… a special edition cap line done following the shootings at VT in 2007). My parents are true Reds fans, and often plan their visits during the season around the Reds schedule to ensure the opportunity to catch a game!

Keep up the great work, Jamie! Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010… I feel like it’s going to be a great year for you, and for the Reds!!!!

Katy Blanton







Thanks for doing such a great job with this blog! I check it regularly and have been waiting anxiously for it to be The Lone Star State’s turn! I was raised in Virginia as a Red’s fan by my dad who grew up in Akron, OH. We made several trips to Cincinnati when I was a kid and always made sure to catch a game while we were there. Five years ago, I moved to Houston and have had the opportunity to visit Minute Maid Park on many occasions. Much to my husband’s dismay, I still wear my Reds gear and cheer for the Reds when they come to town!

I have included several pictures from this year at Minute Maid, including several with my dad (Paul) and brother (Emerson) who traveled to Houston from Virginia when the Reds came to Texas in July. My brother and I were lucky enough to get autographs from Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, and Bill Bray, all of whom were so sweet and spent quite a bit of time signing things for fans. I can’t wait to see what next season brings for the Reds and hope to make it to Cincinnati soon to see the Reds play at Great American Ballpark!

Libby Williams
Houston, TX


Mudcats Entry Wanda Shinn May 2010.JPG

Mudcats Zebulon NC Wanda and Carolyn Shinn May 2010.JPG


I’m sending a picture of myself, Wanda Shinn, from the entry to Five County Stadium where the Mudcats play (Reds AA team).  The other picture includes myself with my UNCW daughter, Carolyn Shinn.  I live in Cary, NC, but grew up in Huber Heights, OH and lived in Cincinnati, OH from 1979 thru 1986 (UC alum).  I have been a fan of the Reds since the mid-70s.  My husband and I went to the final spring training in Sarasota, FL and to the 2010 spring training in Goodyear, AZ.  We are planning to return to Goodyear, AZ again in 2011.  We will enjoy the Reds AA team one more year at Five County Stadium in Zebulon, NC.  I wish they didn’t have to leave in 2012.

I have enjoyed reading the BOR Blog and articles.
Take Care!

Wanda Shinn
Cary, NC







I love it, folks!  Keep up the good work and thanks for participating!

If you’d like to represent your home state in the BOR Reds State Challenge, simply email me ( a photo showing your Reds allegiance.

Now, let’s take a look at the updated leaderboard, shall we?



Many of you have noticed that I’ve been neglecting my BOR Fit Club weekly weigh-ins.  You’d be right if you guessed that I’m just not getting it done.  I’ve become discouraged (and mostly disappointed) with my feeble attempts to lose weight and get in shape.  I caught myself the other day making excuses.  The truth is, my excuses are weak and it’s time to put up or shut up. 

When I started the fit club, I wanted to lose 35 pounds by February 1.  Because of my lack of focus and the failure to take this endeavor seriously, that goal is now nearly unattainable.  But I’m not giving up.  

The BOR Fit Club was initially meant to help my physical health.  Today, I’ll try again to get the wheels turning, but with added emphasis on my overall health (not just my physical appearance).  It’s time that I get serious about this.  Especially after how I’ve seen so many of you pledge to get healthier.  You all are very inspiring (and perspiring!).

Beginning today, I promise to you, and to myself, to eat healthier and get back on a regular exercise routine.  Even if I don’t reach my numbered goal, I know just putting the work in will make me feel better.


Tonight, I’ll be joining my fellow Reds Fantasy Campers at the batting cages.  It’s time to take some swings and start knocking the dust off my baseball abilities (if I still have them).  I plan on taking plenty of photos and possibly even some video for your viewing amusement.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to move tomorrow!

For more information on Reds Fantasy Camp, click HERE


That’s all for now.  More later…

Thanks for logging on!

Go Reds!




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