From the Reds Media Relations department…

Purchase a “Marty Brennaman, Voice of the Reds ” CD online between now and January 1 and Baseball Voices will make a cash donation to the Reds Community Fund for every CD sold…the commemorative CD features the Hall of Famer’s most famous radio calls, exclusive interviews with Marty and his Hall of Fame induction speech…the CD is produced, written and narrated by Chicago Cubs broadcaster Pat Hughes…”Marty Brennaman, Voice of the Reds” is available in the Books & Collectibles section under the Shops tab at…shipping is free.


Knowing that I would never hunker down my hard-earned money on a CD containing 70 minutes of someone dragging their nails over a chalkboard, my colleague Michael Anderson provided me with a complimentary copy of this soon-to-be decorative drink coaster.

But I have to admit, when I forced myself to give it a listen, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the smooth sounds of a legendary baseball announcer.  I’m speaking of Pat Hughes, of course.  Hughes produced and narrates this very very very lengthy celebration of Mercury Marty

If you’re one of the misguided fans out there who, for whatever reason, likes Mercury Marty, you’re really going to like this CD.  He is a legend…just ask him. 

All kidding aside, this is honestly a great stocking-stuffer for all Reds fans.  I highly recommend it.  I can’t think of a better way to make those winter blues go away than listening to a CD filled with sounds of the silver-haired, velvet-voiced fox we know as Marty Brennaman

Be sure to pick up one or two of these CDs today!!




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Im hurt and if i’m this upset by this, imagine how the Hall of Famer feels.

HOW DARE YOU, Mr. Ramsey!
Tarnish the great name of Marty Brennaman.
It was an underhanded, low down, dirty, and uncalled for!

I want you to issue a retraction immediately!

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