I’m going to keep a bit of a low-profile today in order to get some of these minor league bios finished for the 2011 Reds Media Guide. 

But since tomorrow looks to be a big day here in Redsland, I’ll definitely return with some worthy material…so be sure to log on tomorrow!

Also, at some point this week I’m going to give away the Redsfest “Staff” polo shirt that I was issued (but didn’t wear) at the event.  It’s a “mens” size “large.” 

In the meantime, please keep your Burt BobbleRed photos coming!!
Twilight Red.jpg

From Jeff Cox


I’ll also have a BOR Fit Club update tomorrow.  For all of you still participating, I salute you.  Great work and you are all definitely inspiring me (despite my slow progress)!! 


From time-to-time I think it would be nice to have any questions answered that you might have for the Reds organization.  If there’s something on your mind and you’d like to ask someone from within the organization a question, please send it to me at jramsey@reds.com and I’ll do my best to have it answered. 


I’ll be back tomorrow! 

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness! 




Jamie, you did a great job at Red Fest. Everyone that I talked to had a great time. What is the chance of you and some of the blog fans getting a float for opening day parade? I think it would be great. I can see you and Burt waving at the crowd. Look into it will you?

BORfitclub YEAHHHHHHHHH BOY!!! 41 pounds lost since the humble beginings of BORfitclub OCT 18th 2010.
Hitting up the gym today.

Incase you forgot, Marty Brennaman is my Homeboy!

I was happy about my 10 pounds lost. Jason is kickin’ cardinal tail. congrats buddy, I’m jealous.

ROFL!! this poster takes the cake! you in the very back…I almost missed it!!

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