Just moments after issuing the Burt BobbleRed Photo ChallengeBetter Off Red Headquarters received the first (of hopefully many) “challengers.” 

Take a look…

Burtlejuice.JPGThis is “Burtlejuice” courtesy of my friends over at the awesome site OMGReds.com Burtlejuice actually came to me in “gif” form with a spinning head, but for the sake of technology (which hopefully will be improved soon), BOR has to give you the basic 2D jpg version. 



Dear BOR,
I was never aware of the fact that Burt Bobblehead was an original member of the 1869 Red Stockings until I found this pic in my Grandfather’s old steamer trunk.  Thought you might like to see it.  Who knew?

I enjoy your blogs; see you at Redsfest!
Jeff Cox
Huntington, IN


Burt and Obama.jpg

Joel Connaway



Julie Muething



This very very very frightening photo comes from Amy Perry.


Good job, gang!  Keep them coming!! 




ROFL!!! Omgosh..those are awesome!! Very sweet talent out there!! I needed this giggle!! Thanks Jamie!

These are hilarious!!! Thanks, Jamie, for having this contest – and kudos to the folks who are submitting these pictures!🙂

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