We’re going to have some fun this weekend…

As you know, this weekend the Cincinnati Reds will be hosting Fox Sports Ohio Redsfest at the Duke Energy Convention Center.  For the first time ever, Better Off Red will officially be part of the festivities!

BOR will be moving its headquarters to the Duke Energy Convention Center on Friday and Saturday with lots of fun activities planned for both days.

Tentatively scheduled for Better Off Red Headquarters at Redsfest…

Scavenger Hunt.  Reds fans will be encouraged to stop by BOR Headquarters to pick up their official Redsfest Scavenger Hunt list.  We will offer different scavenger hunts on Friday and Saturday.
Tweeting Reds.  BOR Headquarters will host a meet-n-greet with one of the Reds players currently on Twitter.  Times will tentatively be scheduled with @MikeLeake44, @mrLeCure, @mo56maloney and @mattklinker.  I will randomly select a few BOR readers to hang out in the BOR area during the meet-n-greet.
Live BOR Blogging and Chatting.  I will be blogging from Redsfest throughout the 2-day event.  We are currently working out the technical details for live chatting via with current and former players and esteemed members of the media. 
Reds State Challenge.  For those of you out-of-state Reds fans who are making the journey to Redsfest, stop by BOR Headquarters to answer the Reds State Challenge!  You may just win a prize for participating!
BOR Photos.  Stop by Better Off Red Headquarters and get your photo taken with the one and only Burt BobbleRed.   I’ll post the photos on the blog!
Redsfest Tweeters.  Reds fans will be encouraged to use the hashtag #Redsfest to talk about their Redsfest experience.  Tweets will be featured on and tweeters will be eligible for contests, trivia, prizes and special information throughout the two days.  Redsfest Tweet info will be conducted through @cincinnatireds, with a cross promotion through @Jamieblog.
BOR Top 5 Party to be held Saturday night after Redsfest at Stones Lanes in Norwood! (I might be a bit late to this event, especially if I’m dazzling the rounders at the poker table). 

Lots more stuff is being brainstormed and worked out, so stay tuned for updates!



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Wow, that will be a ton of fun! Thanks for doing so much for the fans and I look forward to seeing you again this weekend! I’m volunteering on Saturday afternoon but I’ll be ready to party on Friday night. Woot! =)

Heather =)

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