BOR FIT CLUB 10/21/10

I’ve gotta be honest, I never thought the Better Off Red Fit Club would take off like it has.  The support and participation have been overwhelming, if not humbling.  Thank you all very much!  Can we stick to it?  I think KNOW we can.

The BOR Fit Club was originally planned as a once-a-week posting, but due to the response, I’m going to incorporate the Fit Club into regular rotation here on Better Off Red…starting today. 

This afternoon’s workout is dedicated to Twitter follower @meredithamyers.  Follow her and see what she’s doing to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like me to dedicate one of my workouts to you, simply follow me on Twitter at Jamieblog and keep an eye on the hashtag #BORFitClub

While I put my body through another day of Mark Schueler’s boot camp, take a look at what BOR Fit Clubber Annie has to say:


Ok, Jamie, here’s my story,
I’ve never been considered fat. I’ve never been considered skinny. I’ve always been more of a round-featured girl. No angles on this body, just curves. I’ve always been athletic, more apt to be outside playing with the boys than inside shopping with the girls. The pro is that I’ve always been healthy and strong, and enjoyed what all that entails. However, three years ago I found myself going through a breakup, moving out totally on my own for the first time, and not loving my job. My two years with that ex had seen me pick up more of his bad habits than sharing my good, and I was the most unhealthy I’d ever been. For my 29th birthday, I gave myself an early 30th bday present in the form of signing up with a personal trainer (more on her later). I wanted to be back to my strong, healthy self. From the beginning she told me if I didn’t change my nutrition I wouldn’t see any positive changes in my body. I just wanted to get back into the swing of things (I’d foregone the gym after working in one for 7 years during under- and grad-school). Her studio is a one-on-one setting where the workout is tailored to you. After one year I felt better, but lost no weight. After two years, and a few months on a work-sponsored Biggest Loser Program, I lost 7 lbs in time for my sister’s wedding. I felt much better. Then last fall/winter I put those 7 lbs back on and 7 lbs more for good measure.
At the beginning of this year, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I’m short, not petite, and can hold a lot of weight that surprises people, if they find out how much I weigh. I was super uncomfortable with how I looked, and how my clothes fit. I realized that I was overall happy: I liked my apartment, my roomie, and had decided on my next career move, and just needed to make a physical change. I told my trainer I was ready to tackle the nutrition (at that point 2.5 yrs into working with her). She was elated. It coincided with another round of Biggest Loser at work. During the BL program, I lost 15 lbs. That was in June. A total of seven months later now, I’m down a total of 24 lbs. Honestly, I have a hard time believing it myself. And what’s funny is that I’m not this rock-solid hard-body…I’m just a much smaller version of me. Curves and all. I had never sought to lose weight before, so I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Now that I’ve done it, I’m glad the BOR Fit Club is in effect to help me lose a little more, and then maintain. The timing of this is perfect.
Here’s what helped me: It’s an online community of others trying to be healthy. It’s free. It’s tedious to start, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great resource. It’s based on net calories. They tell you, based on weight/age/height etc, how many net calories to consume in order to lose weight. Net Calories = calories consumed – calories burned in a day. There’s a button at the bottom of the page where you can click and it’ll tell you, based on that day’s effort, how much you’ll lose in five weeks. It has lots of features I don’t use. But each person is looking for something different. (Exercise includes traditional methods, but also cleaning, dancing, and other things you wouldn’t normally consider exercise.)
– I learned to eat for my body. My body likes protein. So, I try to eat lean protein…and real bacon. Not every day. But bacon is just waaay too good. Oh, and I don’t eat a lot of bread stuffs. I’ve found I don’t need to, so I eat more veggies and fruits. Yummmm.
– Accountability. Some of my girls were also losing, so we’d talk about it. Then they dropped off, but I still emailed them my weekly updates, regardless of if they were still trying. They always encouraged me.
– Most of all, my trainer Becca. She’s become more of a bestie than just a trainer. She owns her own training studio in Covington, and really makes it all about her clients. 3 years in and I don’t question the money I spend on her. During the day she posts her workouts for free on Twitter under the handle @beccasgym . She’s mostly focused on the female form, since she understands most of us want to lean out and just get stronger…not become weight lifters. I highly recommend others to at least follow her on Twitter, if not to also contact her to sign up for sessions.
My tips for others:
– Watch out for saboteurs and don’t let them steal your joy. There’s always someone who says, “You can have one, having one isn’t going to kill you.” Some people are just not happy with themselves, and won’t be happy with you trying to make yourself better.
– Sometimes other people take it personally that you’re making yourself healthier. Know that it has nothing to do with you, rather it’s their own problem with themselves. Don’t let it get you down. (This person is usually your spouse or sig-other. Because they fear change for you means change for them.)
– EAT. The quickest way to put on weight is to starve yourself. Just eat better. And don’t get caught up in all the fat-free, low-carb, non-fat broo-ha-ha. Eat as close to the way something is in its natural form. It’s just better for you. Fresh/frozen veggies…who cares, just eat them! Fruits in season…enjoy them! Don’t cover everything up with a sauce…enjoy its natural flavor. Olive oil, S&P, fresh herbs…
– Learn to accept a compliment with a smile and “thank you.” Sounds silly, but I’ve always blended more into the background. I was never used to people commenting on how I look. But I’m learning it’s better to just say “thanks”, and not always have to explain my whole life story and why I lost weight.
My current goals:
– Get more quality sleep (once post season baseball is over). They say getting more sleeps makes weight loss easier. I’m going to test that theory.
– Stay positive and encourage others.
Well, I’ve over shared, as I always do. But this is a really important topic. And, it’s one that people need help with. We’re all different, so we all need to find what works for us. The BOR Fit Club is a great idea, and I’m happy to be a part. Thanks for letting us all share, and good luck in your efforts!
All my best,

Great stuff, Annie.  Thank you for sharing!!


Don’t forget, I promised captions this week ! #BORGiggles


Hope all is well with you folks.  I’ll continue to try and post as much Reds stuff as I can…when there is Reds stuff!



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I love myfitnesspal. I don’t know if the person who’s story you featured mentioned it first on twitter but one of your followers did. I started using it and I love it. It helped me to see I was making some very bad snack choices. Now I’m accountable for what I eat because I am logging it. (Accurately too. No cheating!)

I love that you used #BORgiggles. We will hold you to the promise of captions though😉

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