From my dear friend Julie, one-half of the Royal Ladies of Better Off Red….


Not to be outdone by Cincinnatus, William Shakespeare shows off his Reds pride in my classroom!

Have a great day!


Better Off Red Fit Club Update:

I worked out today with fellow Reds employees Chris Herrell, Patrick Montague, John “Rat” Rieder and Mark Schueler.

Schueler, who misspelled his own last name today, put together a similar program as the “P90X” program that you may have seen on TV or on the net.  He’s calling his version the “Schueler 42X“and it’s pretty lethal.  I participated in the “abs” session of the workout this afternoon. 

I was discouraged today because I wasn’t as good at performing the exercises as the other guys.  I was unable to do as many reps as my friends and most of the time I wasn’t even doing the exercises properly.  But the guys reassured me that I’ll get the hang of it and not to get down on myself (positive reinforcement).  I stuck it out and felt pretty good about not giving up (something I may have done in the past).  Afterwards, I ran the GABP steps for my cardio.  Knowing that I’ll be bowling tonight (meaning: beer frames), I figured I needed some extra running. 

My workout today was dedicated to Twitter follower @vjwace, who unknowingly provided me added motivation to get through today’s session.  Follow her and see what she’s doing to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like me to dedicate a workout to you, simply follow me on Twitter at Jamieblog and keep an eye on the hashtag #BORFitClub.


Reds employees are permitted to use the visitors weight room during the offseason or when the Reds are on the road.

Here are just a few photos from today’s workout…


Patrick Montague and Mark “Schuler”


That’s my main man Chris Herrell on the far right.


John “Rat” Rieder preparing for his upcoming WBA world welterweight title fight.


Here’s Schueler performing an exercise that would have me hugging a toilet after 2 reps.






OMGosh!! Bear in mind that laughing is good for your abs too!! When I saw what your friend Schueler was doing — all I could think was “how is he not on his head??!!” LOL Stay with it Jamie!!! And remember in the words of Lou Holtz : “No one has ever drowned in sweat!” 🙂

Thanks for sharing your journey! Staying motivated has always been one of the biggest obstacles for me. I have recently committed myself to doing at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week and so far, so good. Getting started every day is hard for me, but I find if I just put on my shoes and get out there, I can get it done and feel good about not having sat around all evening. Keep up the good work!

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