I owe you folks two BOR Top 5 parties, so let’s have one this Saturday (10/23) at 7:30pm ET at Stone Lanes in Norwood!  I hope to see you all there!  It’s going to be a barrel of monkeys! 

For directions, click here 


Better Off Red Fit Club Update:

My 4-mile run today was dedicated to Twitter follower kjknapp123  Follow her and see what she’s doing to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like me to dedicate one of my workouts to you, follow me on Twitter at Jamieblog and keep an eye on the hashtag #BORFitClub


Thanks for logging on!

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness!!!



1 Comment

Hi Uncle Jamie,

I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work on your fit club. I have one question. When you told everyone that you played basketball with Zach and I, why didn’t you tell them who won the game? It’s ok. Girls Rock!!!

Love you Uncle Jamie. Had a great time. Can’t wait to play again. You’re the best.

Kari (Basketball Princess)

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