3204031558_a58417f648_z.jpgThe Better Off Red Reds State Challenge continues this week with New Hampshire!  If you’re a Reds fan from the Granite State, prove it by sending me ( the photographic evidence.

You have until Sunday at midnight (ET).


Last week Virginia powered it’s way into the Reds State Challenge lead with an amazing 14 submissions!!  Let’s take a look…



Attached is concrete proof of my fan-dom! My father was born and raised in southern Ohio and at 18 joined the Air Force which eventually brought him to Hampton VA where he met and married my mother. I was consequently born and raised here in the Old Dominion. My father instilled in me a deep passionate love for the boys from the Queen City! There is a picture of me literally only minutes old with a Reds cap atop my bald pink head! Included is a picture of me with a small fraction of my Reds paraphenalia, and yes those are official commonwealth of Virginia license plates dedicated to the Reds! Hopefully, one day I will have a son that I can raise to also bleed Cincinnati Red!

Kyle White
Williamsburg VA



Attached is a picture of my family and I in front of the King Neptune statue at the ocean front in Virginia Beach Virginia where we currently reside. We enjoyed watching the reds win the NL central this year, and were fortunate enough to actually see them live twice. It was a disappointing end to the season but we are looking forward to next year when we win the World Series. In the photo is my 2 year old daughter Hannah, my wife Miranda, and I. I guess if you want to get technical there is four of us in the photo as my wife is seven months pregnant with our son Hunter. He already has more reds memorabilia then I do and he’s not even born. We really enjoy your inside look at the reds keep up the great work
Marty Gaff


Nick Reds.JPG

Hey Jamie!

I’m a 28 year old lifelong Reds fan here!  I grew up in far Southwestern Virginia, and I was able to come to Cincy to catch a few Reds games and visit Kings Island nearly every summer as a kid.  Eric Davis was my childhood hero, and I remember where I was and exactly what I was doing when the Reds clinched the 1990 World Series.  I was a young tot then, so the majority of my Reds fandom hasn’t been all peaches and cream.  However, this season was a ton of fun!  I hope it’s the start of a run of many exciting seasons!  I now live in Richmond, and I don’t run into too many Reds fans out here.  When people question how I became a Reds fan, it’s always interesting explaining how Southwestern Virginia isn’t THAT far from Cincinnati.  Anyway, BOR rocks!  I look forward to reading as you get us through the long offseason by sharing your unique perspective of the team and other fun musings!


Nick Blankenship
Richmond, VA


Reds Fan in Virginia.JPG

Growing up just outside of Huntington, WV, Cincy was just a quick trip down the “AA” highway for me and my family.  We went to Reds games every summer.  It was something I always looked forward to.  Now, I live in Winchester, VA and don’t get to see the Reds play live, unless they play the Nationals in D.C.  Winchester is full of history, but I couldn’t think of a better place to show my Reds pride than outside the military office of our first President, George Washington.  After a short, but unexpected, postseason this year, I’m sure the Reds will bounce back next year better than ever! 

Trent Garnes
Winchester, VA


Better Off Red.jpgThis is my son Seth at his first Red’s game back in June of ’09.  We sat in the all you can eat seats.  Seth and I downed 12 hot dogs.  4 hotdogs is pretty impressive for a 3  year old.  We lost to the Cubs, but we had blast.  Got to see an amazing fireworks show after-wards.  

Monty Guy
Bristol, VA



My son Daniel was born in December, and in his young life, has yet to know the Reds anything but a playoff team. Here’s hoping that continues for many years to come. 

Thomas Lester




We’re out in Dumfries, VA.  I’ve been a Reds fan since I can remember, growing up a Navy brat and moving around the county as a kid.  At a minimum, I’m trying to instill the love of baseball, if not the Reds, in each of my four boys.  Despite my wife’s attempts, and the toddler’s Yankee t-shirt, he’s come around and tells me the Reds are his favorite.

Here are me and the boys on the way to a Reds/Nats game in DC last season.  This season we made it to some of the Lynchburg/P-Nats games here, since the Reds series in DC conflicted with my oldest’s graduation weekend.

Enjoy the blog and tweets.  Even considering the the BOR Fit Club (not much has changed since the picture was taken)

I enjoyed the season and look forward to building upon it next year.

Frank Roth



My best “old school” Reds shirt.

Greg Fannin


Scott Reds shirt.jpg

Attached is a picture of me wearing my new NL Central Champs T-Shirt in front of the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond.


Scott Wead



Here is a picture of my boy and me at the Richmond Flying Squirrels minor league game.  We were both sporting our Reds gear of course!  I was raised a Reds fan and have already began raising my boy as a Reds fan as well!

Stephen Beeson
Richmond, VA



Hi, here is my Reds Gnome in front of the sign for Marymount University, the school where I teach in Arlington, Virginia.  I live in Falls Church  (Pete Schoureck is from here).  I am a Dayton native but moved to DC 20+ years ago.  I’m still a big Reds fan and go cheer them whenever they come to play the Nats. 




Brandon Richard Murphy is 2 years old and wears a Reds cap (knit or baseball) to daycare everyday! He won’t go outside without one or the other on.

My brother Kevin and I grew up in Norfolk, VA and became Reds fans early on. He follows on MLB network and XM, while I stick to XM. We both feel it is our duty as Americans to make sure Brandon is raised a Reds fan!

Brian Murphy
Powhatan, VA



Well here is one set of Reds fans in the great Commonwealth of Virginia.  The photographic evidence is attached which was taken at the June Reds, Nationals game at Nationals Park.
Brian Wolfe
Spotsylvania, Virginia


May 2010 Pictures from Blackberry 017.jpg

Daryl Ellis and Braden Ellis (in hat)
Moseley VA


Excellent job, Virginia!  Woo-hoo!!  Way to answer the challenge!!!  New Hampshire, you have your work cut out for you…best of luck!

Let’s take a look at the leaderboard, shall we?





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