From the blog that brought you the Reds Cap Club, the BOR Reds State Challenge and Magic Reds Shoelaces comes another fan-friendly, Burt BobbleRed-endorsed group that could potentially change your life! 

Introducing the Better Off Red Fit Club!

Less than two years ago, I was looking pretty decent at 158 pounds.  I felt good about myself and my confidence was on the positive side, but most importantly –  I was living a healthy lifestyle.  Then suddenly, as it so often does, life threw a nasty curveball and I struck out. 

No need to go into details, because in the coming weeks/months, I’m going to share with you folks way more than with which I already feel (un)comfortable, beginning with the fact that at 10 a.m. today, I weighed in at 197 pounds.

I’m ready to get my old self back but I’m going to need your help.  Starting Monday, I’m going to document my quest to lose 35 pounds by February 1, 2011…warts and all.

What does this have to do with you?  Well, if I can show you that I can do it (and I AM going to do it), then hopefully, it will show you that YOU too can do anything you put your mind to – whether it’s losing weight, leading a healthy lifestyle or even just being happy and comfortable with yourself.  

I encourage you to join me in the BOR Fit Club.  You will not be asked how much you weigh, I will not ask for any “before” photos of you in your underwear, I don’t even want to know how much weight you want to lose.  That’s up to you. 

What I do want from you folks, is to hear about how you’re going about leading a healthy lifestyle.  Tell me what you’re doing to change your life and how you’re becoming more active.  I want your healthy recipes and tips.  Tell me how many miles you walked or ran, how much time you spent on the treadmill or in the gym.  I want to hear about how you stopped drinking soda, beer and cut down on the fast food.  Anything big or small that is making you feel better and perhaps helping you shed a few pounds, I want to hear about it.  If you lost 2 pounds last week, tell me.

If I’m putting myself out there, hopefully it will motivate you to join me.  They say there’s “power in numbers”, so let’s team up!  Maybe by the time Spring Training rolls around, you’ll be looking pretty good in your new BOR t-shirt….

Who’s with me?  Feel free to leave your positive comments (only) below and you can always email me your story/photos/recipes/etc. at  I’ll also be Tweeting about this adventure at…follow me and keep an eye out for the hashtag #BORFitclub.

Lastly, what I won’t tolerate are any immature, condescending, negative comments regarding this mission.  If I see any such in the comments section, I will delete them.  If I see any on Twitter, I will block you.  This is something that requires hard work and preserverence.  It’ll be tough enough, so please don’t drag us down with you.

So get all of your bad habits out of the way this weekend, if you need to.  Beginning Monday, we have work to do!!








I’m all about needing a much healthier lifestyle. My biggest problem is finding someone to motivate me. I’m joining BOR Fit Club! We’ll all get each other motivated to get (and stay) healthy.

Who’s next?

Sign me up! Great idea, Jamie.

Getting things going… saw this on lifehacker about how you should eat throughout the day…

Count me in! I need all the motivation that I can get! It is a great idea and it will get us through the winter without our daily Reds news to talk about! We should celebrate our weight/fitness accomplishments at the Redlegs Run for Home event next year!

This was a fantastic idea! I already started my own private weight loss journey a few months ago… so I think instead of setting a goal of reaching a certain number during this, I’m going to aim to fit into my Arroyo tshirt (which I bought during his first season with the Reds and have no prayer of fitting into right now) by Opening Day. That would make me happy!🙂

I’m definitely in. We did a Biggest Loser program at work from March – June, and I kept going. I’ve got a little more to lose and then the dreaded maintenance phase. I had just been wondering how I would do it! Now, I know. With other Reds fans. Yay!

I’m in. I think this is a great idea, Jamie, and something that should make the long off-season pass by a little faster. I have a bit more weight to lose, so my goal may have to extend to Opening Day. Looking forward to the journey!

Great idea to not only better yourself but those around you and I’m definitely in. Will be sending an e-mail along shortly.

This is such a terrific idea! I’m in! 🙂

I am definitely in! I had already set Monday as my “new beginning” day, so this works perfectly. My first goal is to reach a certain point by Redsfest, which also happens to be my birthday. I’ve got 7 weeks…effective Monday, I’m on it! 🙂

If you are in , I am in. I am ready to drop 10 pounds before Reds Fest and 30 before Spring Training. Count me in! I am ready to be part of The BOR Fit Club!

I’m in – love the idea of getting fit with Reds fans! Maybe I can turn my Reds withdrawal into a positive during the offseason with BOR Fit Club!

I’m in…

I’ve been working on getting fit for the last few years. I’ve had most of my success by running… of course that is a ton of work and a ton of time to dedicate… and I know how you feel about the 26.2 sticker😉

After my last race I decided to give the running legs a rest and go ahead and try the p90x program. I’m just about 2 weeks into and am loving it! I’m always sore, heh but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. I can do better on the diet side of things… and when I was running I would equate the soda or doughnut or snack to how far I’d have to run to burn the same number of calories I was preparing to eat and a lot of times I found myself turning those things away.

Good luck to everyone, stay healthy and avoid injury.

I’m 35 yrs old, 6’2″ and 198lbs. I’m hoping to firm up some areas and drop my weight to 180lbs.

Not only am I in but so it my dog!

Im in! I recently quit smoking and have been increasing physical activity through walking. Great idea and will help get through the off season.:) I hope to drop about 10 to 15 lbs.

Thats a great idea!! Count me in. Love the site btw.
Im shooting for twenty pounds!!!

Count me in! Great idea and thanks for the motivation!!

love the idea Jamie, I’ll hop on board…down 20 from Jan, could stand to lose another 5lbs, ntm quit smoking (*ehem* again) last Monday and trying to run the half in 2.5 or less this year. So I could use some motivation.🙂

I am in! My son is getting married on April 1 and I refuse to not look good for his wedding.

WOW!!! Leave for a weekend wedding in Chicago and get back to find this!!🙂 I’m so IN!! Thanks for the additional inspiration Jamie — I was waffling on training for the half Pig, now …. I’m excited and pumped to make it my goal!!🙂

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