Chapter 1: The other day, the cat (“Kiddie“) brought a small mouse into the house.  After knocking it around a bit and giving it a small bite on its neck, Kiddie grew bored with the mouse and allowed it to go on it’s merry way.

Chapter 2: Knowing that no decent human being would ever allow a mouse to live in his house, I set out some sticky traps to capture this filthy, evil, awful little disgusting varmit.

Chapter 3: The traps worked.  The filthy, evil, awful little disgusting varmit turned out to be a helpless, innocent little guy who was stuck in a formidable predicament.

Chapter 4: As my heart grew to the size of my giant head, I grabbed a bottle of vegetable oil and took the trap outside.  It was hard to see the mouse in this situation.  I poured the vegetable oil on the trap in hopes of freeing the cute little helpless dude’s legs so he could escape into his natural habitat.  Well, it wasn’t that easy.  I had to basically do everything to safely and humanely scrape his little tiny legs off the trap.  The mouse was not having much fun and neither was I. 

Chapter 5: The whole process took about 10 minutes.  After his rescue, I named the mouse “Jerry.”  Jerry was placed in a clear plastic container with holes poked in the top for ventilation.  He was also given pieces of bread.  But Jerry didn’t look well.  Just as I was leaving for work, one last check-up on Jerry brought terrible news.  It appeared that Jerry had passed away and went to little mouse heaven.

Chapter 6: I have to admit, I’m a softy.  I was kind of sad and it certainly wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day, regardless of whether it was a mouse or not.  Jerry was very young and a very small mouse.  He couldn’t have been more than a week or two old and here he was getting taken away from his family by a big scary cat.  Pretty traumatic, huh?  Well, imagine going through all of that and then getting stuck in a trap for hours and then nearly having your legs pulled from your body in order to get out, all the while being doused with cold vegetable oil.  Yeah, I’ll admit, I was a bit sad over the whole ordeal.

Chapter 7: I get a phone call from Jerry’s nurse saying that Jerry was actually moving and breathing!  Moments later I get another call from the nurse saying that Jerry was actually moving around in his container!

Chapter 8: Last night, I purchased a cage, bedding and food for Jerry and named his new home “Small Jerry Fields” (runner up: “Jerry Park Stadium”).  Jerry is currently recuperating in his new digs and very much alive.

Here’s a photo of Small Jerry Fields…

IMG_0686.JPGand here’s Jerry…

IMG_0687.JPGHe’s not looking his best, for obvious reasons, so don’t judge him! 


And if you’re scratching your head wondering what on earth thas has to do with the Reds, check this out!   






That was pretty cool and nice. Hope Jerry gets well quick. Tonester5

You are such a softie. Although, Jerry is a pretty cute little guy…

Small Jerry Fields forever!

Good luck to Jerry! Small Jerry Fields should be the site of the next All-Star Game! Clearly Jerry is a trooper!

Good luck to Jerry! Small Jerry Fields should be the site of the next All-Star Game! Clearly Jerry is a trooper!

Jamie, When I read chapter 4 it reminded me of the Grinch when “his heart grew three sizes and he found the strength of ten plus two Grinches that day”
Funny stuff

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