Paul Janish met with the media today in the Great American Ball Park press interview room…here’s the transcript from that session…


KATY FEENEY:  Questions for Paul Janish.

 Q.  Paul, let’s make some news.  Are you in the lineup today?
 PAUL JANISH:  Yeah, guilty as charged.  It was up when I got here on apparently    I don’t know what the status is of “O,” exactly, but I’m definitely playing tonight, yeah.


 Q.  You’ve had to step in several times in the regular season for “O.” How is this different?
 PAUL JANISH:  Honestly, it’s really not that much different.  Obviously, the circumstances are more significant, but as far as the actual playing, what’s going on on the field, it’s not a whole lot different.  He’s banged up and can’t go, so I’m ready to go.


 Q.  Paul, can you talk about this team’s mentality as you come to the ballpark today and you know what you’re up against?  How are you personally preparing for this?
 PAUL JANISH:  The mood seems to be pretty light in the clubhouse.  Obviously we’re on the wrong end of a 2 0 deficit against a pretty good team in Philly.  But everybody is going about their business as usual and staying it in stride.  We know we have to show up tonight and battle and hard tonight.
 But I don’t think anybody is too uptight per se.  I think we’re taking it as what it is and going one day at a time.


 Q.  Paul, this is a young team.  How do you think this entire experience is going to benefit you, not just for tonight, but going into next year?
 PAUL JANISH:  Personally, I think it’s going to be huge for us.
 Obviously, this is the first time we’ve been in the playoffs as a team for a while, as an organization and a lot of the guys on the team, it’s our first time, as well.  And I know we were in Philly, that’s the only experience we’ve had so far.  As far as a playoff atmosphere goes, and as far as we could tell, it’s a good one to experience.
 Hopefully, we’re trying to extend the season tonight and into tomorrow and hopefully go back to Philly and get to see it again.  But looking back on this, in the future, it’s going to be an experience that we all draw back on and find useful for the years to come, obviously, going to the playoffs.


 Q.  This is kind of stupid, but is baseball different in the playoffs than the regular season?
 PAUL JANISH:  The baseball itself is not different the volume is different.  I think this was the biggest thing, the first game and then, you know, Game 2 as well, just becoming accustomed to the atmosphere.
 And Philly was obviously pretty crazy with the towels and the just sheer noise was significant.  But I think after your first at bat or first inning or first ground ball, whatever the case may be, first pitch for the pitchers, it comes and goes.  You settle in and hopefully that’s what we find ourselves in tonight.
 KATY FEENEY:  Thanks, Paul.


  FastScripts by ASAP Sports

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