A tip of the cap to the Philadelphia Phillies – a first-class team and a first-class organization.  Good luck in the NLCS you Fightin’ Phils.


To all the Better Off Red fans out there…we had a pretty good ride this season, didn’t we?  I hope you continue to log on because we’re going to have some fun this offseason…I guarantee it.

I’ll be back tomorrow.  It’s time to decompress.  It’s not easy being positive all the time…oh if you folks only knew. 

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness,




As a phillies fan, this was very classy of you to congratulate us. i know that your orginization is building up to be the big red machine again and your future is looking to be bright…..Lets just hope the yankees and us get to the world series and then we can both agree “YANKEES SUCK”

Too bad, so sad but what a great ride. It was an exciting season. Our beloved Reds did a fine job. And for you Jamie, you never stop surprising your Dad and I on all you do. You have brought the world of baseball into the homes and offices all over the country. Thank you so much for all that you do. Get some rest. Spring training is right around the corner.

Go Reds and Reds fans! Hold your head high, this year was a bonus, next year was supposed to be our year.

Jamie, thanks for your blog. This was one of the highlights for me as a fan this year. I loved your photos behind the scenes and on the road trip to San Diego. For any Reds management, please make sure this blog continues for a long time to come.

Just wanted to echo the sentiments of the previous Phils fan. I too am a phillies fan, and frankly came here hoping for some good old fashioned schadenfreude, but this was such a nice thing to see (not being compared to thugs and felons, not a word about a certain fat man in a red coat) that I felt compelled to say something about it.
I can’t in good conscience wish your team luck however, as they are too good and too young, and a little luck is just about all they need- and we’re quite happy hanging onto our crown, thank you.

It’s ok to get beat by a great team. The Phillies have a great team. Good luck Philly. Jaime, you did a great job with the blog. Thanks to you and all the off field folks.

The Reds have a lot to build on. The next few years are going to be really exciting.

Go Reds and thanks for a wonderful season.

It was still a magical season. See you at Redsfest!

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