Postgame video from last night featuring Dusty Baker.


Awesome photos from loyal BOR reader Aaron Doster








Better Off Red would like to congratulate Reds Senior Director of Player Development & Global Scouting Terry Reynolds for his upcoming induction into the Florida State League Hall of Fame.  Terry is one of my favorite people here in the Reds organization and he does an outstanding job.  This honor is very much deserved.  Congrats, Terry!


Just a few reminders…

  • Mississippi, you have until midnight Sunday to answer the BOR Reds State Challenge…Email me ( your photos to be counted.
  • I’ll be traveling with the team on the road trip to Houston/Milwaukee/San Diego.  The goal is to take you folks behind the scenes and show you what it’s like to travel with the team.  Hopefully, I’ll have some good stuff and good photos, so be sure to keep logging on to BOR.
  • Follow me on Twitter at
  • Today, like every Wednesday at 4:05pm ET, I’ll be chatting on the air with Derek Schultz in the Zone on XL 950 Sportstalk (Indianapolis).  Log on or tune in.

That’s all for now…I’ll be back with more goodies later.  Thanks so much for logging on.  This is an exciting time for all of us, isn’t it?!  Let’s live it up. 

Thank you sooo very much…

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness…






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Thanks Jamie, that’d be cool to see some behind the scenes stuff. That’s stuff I like to see.

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