The PDF file below is an updated list of Reds at-bat music, otherwise known as “Music You Will Not Find On My Ipod.”

Player Music Log 2010.pdf


LOL! that’s too funny. i was litterally googling this stuff this morning. By the way, keep the pregame photos with captions coming, they’re always the highlight of my day!

Now what I need is the list of songs used as the bumpers for the Cincinnati Bell Reds Radio Network broadcasts of Reds games. Kanye’s “Gold Digger” and a few others I know, but there are some real gems in there that I cannot identify.

Wow, I’ve never heard of 3/4 of those bands. I like these guys for the way they play baseball, not their taste in music!

Miss Me by Drake is my favorite song, and now I’ll think of Joey everytime I hear it. These guys have great taste in music.

Thanks Jamie. My goodness, Phillips has a hard time choosing songs huh?

What would your songs be for a game Jamie? I think that would be a cool contest or feature to put on here.

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