If you’d like to win an autographed poster of the Joey Votto Sports Illustrated cover, you have until 11:59pm ET tonight to submit your recreation of Joey’s SI cover pose.  Email your pose in jpg format to jramsey@reds.com  The random drawing will take place at noon (ET) tomorrow and I’ll post the winners along with all the entry photos on BOR shortly thereafter.

For more details, along with fine-print rules, click here 

Earlier today, I had some of my favorite Reds staffers help show off the posters…

Vottogiveawayposter.JPGFrom left to right…

Zach Bonkowski, who has been getting so many Tweets from folks who want to appear on the GABP Kiss Cam with him, that he has to resort to disguising himself in cheap sunglasses.  If you’re interested in winning a chance to appear on the Kiss Cam with Zach, Tweet him at Twitter.com/Bongreatness  (yes, he’s very full of himself)

John “Rat” Rieder. I’ve known Rat longer than anyone I work with here at the Reds offices.  He and I both got our start on the ground crew and I’ve documented how much torment I’ve put this dude through over the years. At 4’3″, Rat is one of the shortest employees here at GABP.  He actually has to cuff his underwear and spends his free time modeling for trophies.  Rat is the inspiration for my license plate, “CC Rat.” (we deem him not important enough to be put in the “To” line of emails, so we “Cc” him).

Danny “Blue” Steele. Along with Will “Big” Toman, Danny is one of our media relations interns.  When he’s not washing our cars, getting our lunches, doing our laundry and polishing our shoes, Danny spends his free time watching Home Improvement and According to Jim

Larry Herms.  Larry and I are the assistant directors of media relations.  He and I have been working side-by-side for nearly 10 years.  Lately, Larry’s laptop has been giving him problems, so it’s been interesting to hear random shouting and fist-pounding-desk emerge from his office. 

Chris Herrell.  Its’ true, I haven’t been taking care of myself as much as I should be.  But when I do workout and exercise, it’s usually with Chris.  Herrell is from Owensboro, KY and spends his time spray-painting his wife’s name on overpasses, cleaning fish in his living room and playing the “claw-machine” at truck-stops.

So if you ever see any of these guys out and about, tell them you recognize them from Better Off Red.


PS – Get your submissions in!!




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Maybe you should be giving a few of those away on your blog. I’m out in AZ and won’t be able to be at the game.

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