22_massachusetts.jpgThe Better Off Red Reds State Challenge continues this week with The Bay State.  That’s right, Massachusetts, you’re up!  If you’re a Reds fan from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, send the photographic proof to

Last week, Iowa answered the challenge with 5 entries…check ’em out:


I am a lifelong Reds fan and have been living in Davenport, IA for about 3 1/2 years now.  I grew up in southeastern Illinois with my Dad taking me to games at Riverfront every year and I still get down to catch some games every year.  I’m deep in the heart of Cards/Cubs country, but I’m doing my part to show them the error of their ways.  Here’s a photo of me sporting my Reds gear at a Quad City River Bandits game (Cardinals Affiliate, imagine that…).  The stadium is in downtown Davenport, and that’s the mighty Mississippi River in the background.  GO REDS!!!
As always, thanks for your great coverage.  I always enjoy reading BOR.
Will Allen



CIMG1349.JPGHey Jamie,

I moved from Dayton to Iowa about 5 years ago. It’s tough being surrounded by Cubs and Cards fans, but my love for the Redlegs will never fade! I love the blog, keep up the great work!

Ian O’Connor


IMG_0140.jpgAttended Monday and Tuesday’s games against the Cards.
Unfortunately, we weren’t very good luck for the Redlegs.  I hope they’ll let us attend another game sometime.
Go Reds!  Go Cyclones! 
Greg Schmitt
Winthrop, IA


I’ve been waiting for your call for all Reds Fans from Iowa.  We’re few and far between out here…too many Cubs and Cards fans!  My wife Abby, a native Iowan, and I, a transplant from Ohio, recently took a road trip to Milwaukee to cheer on the Redlegs!  I have to give credit to my great wife for jumping on board with my team!  Love her for that!  I’ve also attached a picture of my nephew, Owen, for your Reds Cap Club!  He’s being raised right!  Great Blog! Keep it up!
Go Reds!
Mark Bowers
Eldridge, Iowa

Owen Ready to Play.jpg


08-16-10_1617.jpgHey my name is Dan from iowa, Its rough being a reds fan in this saturated 60/40 cubs/cards territory, makes it interesting. GO REDS!!!


Great job, Iowa!! 

Time to take a look at the leaderboard, shall we?

DSC01674.JPGLet’s see what you got, Massachusetts!!



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