It’s Friday, so you know what that means – another Reds Cap Day!  Let’s take a look at the newest members of the Reds Cap Club

reds_hat_club2.jpgHey Jamie,

Love the blog. Was putting in this pic of my daughter for the hat club.

My four year old Kaelyn is a huge Reds fan (due to my indoctrination). She prefers the batting helmet and the ice cream helmet for her dinosaur.

Take care,


Wrigley Matt 080710.JPG Matt Scordato at Wrigley


BatRed.jpgCostume fun at Target with some photshop background – Gary Moore


100_1355.JPGCorey Hall


If you’d like to be the newest member of the Reds Cap Club, simply emailm me (jramsey@reds.com) a photo of you wearing your favorite Reds headgear.


Party Animals, don’t forget tomorrow night at Stone Lanes in Norwood, another Better Off Red Top 5 Party takes place at 7:30pm ET.  Hope to see you there.  Burt would LOVE to mee you!

Go Redlegs!!



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