The guest bloggers have watered the plants, brought in the mail, fed the cat and are now happily ready to hand the BOR blog keys back over to their rightful owner.  You are in the homestretch Reds fans.  You just have to make it through ONE MORE DAY.  I am not sure I can live up to the grand finale of guest bloggers title…and I will try not come off as the clown who walks behind the parade sweeping up after the circus animals.  Instead, think of me as the opening act for the man himself, the one we all have missed, Jamie Ramsey.

My name is Lisa Braun and I am the Marketing Manager for your Cincinnati Reds.  Wait, you say…a woman?  Is she going to make me wade through pictures on the blog of hunky Reds player without their shirts?  Well of course not.  I prefer to keep those posted next to my desk.  I am here proudly  representing the hundreds of full and part-time female staff that work for the organization and love their Reds as much as the guys.  And don’t be fooled…just because we may own a pink bedazzle Votto jersey, doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about baseball.   We can score a 6-4-3 double play and correctly answer the scoreboard stumpers with the best of ’em.

My job with the Reds is basically to promote everything that’s going on at the ballpark and get you to attend a game.  Or two.  Or 81.  Consider this “blog foreshadowing”.

I was honored when Jamie asked me to be one of his guest bloggers, however, he apparently wasn’t paying attention to the vacation schedule because I am also out this week.  Of course unlike some people that can’t blog on their vacation, I am sitting in a Vegas sports bar, writing a blog so we can keep BOR in the top 5 and have another bowling party.  Maybe the wi-fi  was down at Comic-Con and he couldn’t get on the internet.


While word of the Bengals signing another reality TV show star has definitely been the bigger Cincinnati news in Vegas, the members of the reds cap club seem to be are all over Sin City.  Of course it’s not Nevada week yet, so these people will need to wait their turn to get their photos on the blog.  (OK really, I didn’t bring a camera.  But you know, what happens in Vegas…)

Between the sports establishments and my blackberry, I’ve been able to follow the Reds games closely during my vacation – which have been pretty exciting.   And I’m sure by the scream I let out after the text about Brandon’s grand slam on Wednesday (thanks Mo), everyone in the Paris Hotel casino knew I was pretty excited too.

OK, now tell me you didn’t see this coming.  You can’t hand over your blog to the marketing person without this happening, so here are 4 things coming up at the ballpark that you shouldn’t miss…

1.    Garden Gnome Giveaway – (Saturday, August 14) Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with this little troll-like dude.  I don’t have a garden but I do think it will look killer on top of my Christmas tree this December.  And he’ll make a great new pal for Burt BobbleRed.

Gnome-CLIP-2.jpg2.    Bark In The Park #2 (Tuesday, September 14) – yes, I’m one of those crazy dog people.  But you don’t need to have a dog to enjoy this night.  Whether is the ridiculous costumes people make for their pets, the large grassy area brought in for potty breaks,  or the funny separated at birthday dog/player pictures on the videoboard, if you like to laugh, you’ll enjoy this evening.   (people with dogs need to make advance reservations)

bark_park.jpg3.    Kids Catcher’s Backpack Giveaway – (Sunday, August 15) The skateboard was cool but this one gets my vote for best kids giveaway this year.  Don’t send your kids back to school without one.

10-Catchers-Backpack-CLIP.jpg4.    Scout Night Campout – (Friday, October 1)  If you are a boy scout or are parent to a boy scout,  you can’t miss this night.  Thousands of scouts stick around after the game, get to watch a movie on the videoboard and then campout all night on the field.  Everyone loves it but the grounds crew.

scout_night.jpgAnd Reds fans, if you ever have any ideas for promotions, giveaways, theme nights…don’t be shy!  Email me at or DM me on twitter at @lisabraun.

OK, I need to get back to the pool.  Keep your fingers crossed that I win big on the trip.  If so, it means I’m buying funnel fries for everyone in my section at the game on Sunday.

FunnelFries.jpg Thanks to Jamie for trusting us with BOR while he was out.  I hope he had a great vacation and birthday.   Our Reds family isn’t the same when he’s not around.

See you at the ballpark!  Go Reds!

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