Hello Better Off Red readers, my name is Michael Anderson. I’m the Public Relations Manager for the Reds and your guest blogger for today. As the PR manager, I do a little bit of everything for the First Professional Team in Major League Baseball. I’ve been with the Reds for three seasons, and I specialize in PR and media relations for all the “off the field” front office departments, including the Reds Hall of Fame, the Reds Community Fund, business operations, corporate sales, ticketing and community relations. Around the Front Office, I’m known as “MANderson”…and people often yell at me to “call the media!” Here is my “bat phone” that I call the media on:

One of my other responsibilities at the Reds is that I’m the unofficial photographer for the Front Office.  Photojournalism is one of my passions in life…and it’s cool that I get to document what the organization does off the field and in the community. You’ve probably seen many of my photos on BOR, and Jamie usually says something quirky about me like “Photos from Michael Anderson, who often tapes Saved By the Bell on his VHS recorder…or still plays with an E-Z-Bake Oven.”

The genesis of his snarky comments stem from a photo of Jamie’s condo in Goodyear that I distributed internally. As many of you might not know, Jamie is a huge fan of the The Village People.  His love for the 70’s and 80’s disco band is actually a great story. When Jamie was very young, he and his family were attending the Butler County Fair. He got separated from his family and was picked up by a roadie with the Village People, who were playing that night at the fair. While we was reunited with him family later that day, it’s clear that the short time Jamie spent backstage with the band was a very defining moment in his life. Here is that photo from his bedroom in Goodyear:

 Since today is July 28, I’d like to wish Marty B. a Happy Birthday. Here is one of my favorite photos of Marty from the 2010 Reds Winter Caravan stop in Columbus:

Marty-B.JPGThe Reds Hall of Fame Induction Weekend was July 16-18. It was three days of amazing events capped with the Induction Gala at the Duke Energy Convention Center on Sunday evening. One of my favorite memories from the weekend was the surprise appearance by Rob Dibble. “Dibbs” is currently on the Washington Nationals TV broadcast team, and was invited to the HOF event, but didn’t think he could make it because the Nationals team charter was not scheduled to land at CVG until 9pm Sunday night. At the last minute he was able to get an earlier flight and surprised everyone at the Gala, including fellow “Nasty Boys” Randy Myers and Norm Charlton. Thanks to Brian Douglas from Q102 for successfully delivering his old friend Dibbs to the event.
nasty-boys.jpgAnother great memory from HOF weekend was Arthur Rhodes’ performance on Friday night as he came into the game in the 8th with the bases loaded and stuck out the side. The crowd went absolutely nuts…and is probably by favorite play of the season so far…maybe second only to the Heisey to Cabrera to Hernandez tag out of Skip Schumaker to end the Reds vs Cards Civil Rights Game on May 15th. (photo by Photo Phil Groshong)

rhodes.jpgThis weekend’s series vs the Braves is tracking to sell out all three games. You heard it here first. Remember, Saturday’s game starts at 4:10pm because it’s the Fox Game of the Week. (It was originally scheduled as a 7:10pm start.) The giveaway that night is the “Fans Choice” bobblehead of Homer Bailey. Fans voted on earlier this season from a selection of current Reds who have not had a bobblehead recently. Much to the chagrin of our friends at, Sam LeCure will have to wait another year.

If you’re a Wiffle Ball fan (who isn’t?) I would suggest registering for the 3rd Annual Reds Summer Wiffle® Classic on Saturday, August 14th at Mason Sports Park. It’s the premier Wiffle® tournament in the Midwest. Sign up today at

wiffle.jpgThank you to Jamie and all the BOR readers for allowing me to guest blog today. On behalf of the Reds, we could not be happier with what Jamie has done with BOR in the last year. We consistently hear from other teams about how much they like BOR. Our goal with the blog was to give fans a peek inside the organization, but Jamie really has taken it to a level we never imagined. The Reds have the best fans in baseball, and it’s clear that BOR has the best blog readers in baseball…whatever that means.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Erin Andrews and I from 2008 when she visited GABP for an event.



I LOVE that Nasty Boys photo. It’s been the wallpaper on my work desktop since Jamie posted it and I can’t tell you how many of my co-workers have been disappointed to learn that they (especially Randy Myers in that sportcoat!) aren’t family members. Thanks!

That is a great picture of the Nasty Boys

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