There are more Reds bobbleheads in Alaska than there are actual Reds fans in Idaho.  Two different people with two different Reds bobbleheads have emailed me recently with photos from Alaska.  Check it out…

Burt BobbleRed’s cousin, Marty Bobbleman enjoying the icy weather…





Photos courtesy of loyal BOR reader, Geoff Homan


Here’s Bob L. Head also hanging out in the great state of Alaska with his good friend and former Reds media relations intern Eric “Nails” Moyer 



Here’s loyal BOR supporter Russ Wight’s “little pool shark” Jenna posing near a fabulous Reds billiards table…

photo (2).JPG


Here’s my main man Tony, nephew of the First Ladies of Better Off Red Mary Beth and Julie Muething


Mary Beth writes: (Here’s) my nephew Tony with a Jonny Gomes bat.  He’s working on the laser-intensity stare and I think the kool-aid moustache makes him look extra tuff.

I would have to agree.


Since Idaho couldn’t answer the call to last week’s Better Off Red Reds State Challenge, we’re going to give them some extra-time.  Reds fans from Idaho have until midnight (ET) Sunday to get their Reds pictures into BOR Headquarters (


Don’t forget, Fridays are Reds Cap Days.  Email me your photos of you wearing your favorite Reds headgear and you’ll automatically be sworn into the ultra-swanky Reds Cap Club!


I’ll be back with more later.  Thanks a bunch for logging on.  You folks are the best and I’m having a (funk) blast sharing all of this with you!





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I see that the Reds HOF has local chapters if an area has more than 50 members. It would be cool if you could let us know how many HOF fans (members) are from each state too.

Just a thought, Pat

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