To all Better Off Red fans attending Wednesday’s game between the Reds and Stephen Strasburg (the Nationals):

Award-winning film-maker Craig Lindvahl (Cobb Field: A Day at the Ballpark) will be at GABP shooting footage for an upcoming documentary about our very own Cincinnati Reds organization.

Craig followed me around a little bit during the Vote Votto Lunch at GABP and was impressed with all of the Better Off Red fans.  Enough so, that he’s folowing-up on the topic and wants to interview some BOR faithful who bring signs this Wednesday supporting the blog.

So here’s your chance to be a big star.  Bring your Better Off Red signs on Wednesday!!



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His doc on Cobb Field was excellent. The field wasn’t named for Ty, but for the guy that invented the Cobb Salad. It’s no longer standing in Billings, but I’d love to see a game there anyway.

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