From our good friends at Elias Sports Bureau

*       Over the last two seasons (2008 and 2009), eight of the 12 teams in first place at the All-Star break went on to win their division, two of the other four won the wild card.  The only two teams over that span that failed to make the playoffs despite being in first place at the All-Star break were the Diamondbacks in 2008 and the Tigers in 2009.

*       The Reds, currently in first place in the N.L. Central Division, have the easiest remaining schedule in the major leagues based on the combined won-lost records of their remaining opponents and weighted by the number of games against each team.

Easiest remaining schedules: Reds (opponents combined winning percentage is .464), Cardinals (.473), Astros (.476), Mets (.482), Twins (.484).

Among the contending teams, the Dodgers have the toughest remaining schedule based on the same formula:

Toughest remaining schedules: Orioles (.541), Dodgers (.523), Diamondbacks (.521), Blue Jays (.518),    A’s(.517).

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