From the venerable Rob Butcher, who is currently working his 3,498th consecutive day (eat your heart out Cal Ripken Jr.)…









Love these pictures and proud of these guys! Well done and thanks, Rob and Jamie!

Dang, Sir Arthur cleans up well, doesn’t he?

Also, would it be strange if I said Joey looks especially Canadian in that photo?

Hahaha, starrylkj…had to come see the Canadian comment…so funny that we both thought the same thing! lol Sir Arthur looks like he’s the King of the All-Stars! Outdressed everybody! Love it! Joey might not be a big fan of all the attention…but he sure does seem like a natural All-Star there, eh? Do they get to keep those name signs? Because, yeah…it’s just still sooo cool to see 3 first time All-Stars and Scotty’s first time AS A RED! where he belongs!🙂 Soak it up, guys…and if Charlie deems to let you play today, show the country what we Reds fans already know!

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