Congratulations to Reds first baseman Joey Votto who garnered nearly 14 million votes in MLB’s Final Vote and will be joining his teammates Brandon Phillips, Arthur Rhodes and Scott Rolen in Anaheim for the 2010 MLB All-Star Game.

I received so many emails and photos from Better Off Red readers this week showing their support for Joey that I didn’t get a chance to post them all…I’ll try to catch up now.





There’s still Votto fans here in Cardinal Nation! I live very near to St. Louis and wasn’t expecting too much positive reaction; however, I sat out by a busy intersection tonight with my sign and recieved a surprising number of honks and cheers! It was a great feeling, and I’m planning on going out tomorrow too!
Vote Votto!


bats 063.jpg

bats 117.jpg

bats 121.jpg

bats 122.jpg

here are some pictures from the bats game on 7-6-10 when the vote votto campaign was there.




The Cincinnati community continued to show its support for Joey Votto by hosting “Vote Votto” events on Thursday.

OfficeCare at Longworth Hall hosted a “Vote Votto” lunch with a special appearance by Mr Redlegs.






Did you know there is an African primate called a potto? I didn’t either, but our friends at The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens have a potto they call “Votto.”

“Votto the Potto” exercised his right to vote for Joey Votto today with help from zoo director Thane Maynard.

Pottos have clamp-shaped hands with opposable thumbs…perfect for typing on a keyboard. 

We understand that Votto the Potto was able to vote about 100 times this afternoon.


Joey Votto - All Star Banner.jpg

Hi Jamie!
Congratulations on a FANTASTIC job at helping get Joey to the All Star game! You were awesome in mobilizing all the promotions to get Joey the votes he needed and I am beyond excited that we not only got Joey to Anaheim but made him the top vote getter overall! That’s pretty cool especially considering the Reds are out of town. I felt inspired tonight and made another banner and I figured I would share it with you. Great job to you, the rest of the Reds organization, and to our whole city for rallying behind our newest All Star. Congratulations Joey!!
Heather  =)


pool pics june 016.jpg

pool pics june 018.jpg

pool pics june 022.jpg

Here are the pics.  Zach by the pool.  Kari and her little girlfriend Savannah Reigart.(she had permission of course)
Good work!  Hard work and dedication pays off.  You should be very proud of yourself.

(editor’s note.  Stacie is my sister.  Zach is my nephew and Kari is my niece.  They rock)


Vote Votto Lawn Sign.jpg

Hey Jamie,

My sister Jacque (aka @19sgirl) and I (aka @redsfastball) spent part of our Monday off work making a Vote Votto lawn sign. We wanted to share it with you for your photo collection. We appreciate all that you do to unite the Reds fan base. BOR and your tweets are a welcomed distraction during our workday!

Vote Votto! Go Reds!

Nikki and Jacque



Even Slider says Voto Votto! Have a great day Jamie, I can’t make the lunch today but will be voting all thru lunch again today! Liz McGee


2010-07-07_13 56 41.jpg…..


I’m so proud of you folks!  And I know Joey is very grateful for your support.  In fact, click here for his thanks.

I’ll be back in a bit…




Jamie you and your crew did an awesome job running this campaign. You guys made it fun, and all of us pulled together and made it happen. It is all now complete and we can now celebrate for Brandon, Scott, Sir Arthur and Joey…GO REDS!!!!!


Great work, Jamie and staff. In 55+ years as a Reds fan, I’ve never seen such energy about anything! Now it’s up to you marketing folks to help channel all that in a way to help Castellini and Co.

Jamie, thanks for posting all of the pictures! It’s fun to see what people with a little more creativity than me came up with!

Great job in helping this all happen! Everyone had the energy and the desire…we just needed it to be focused!

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