When was the last time you saw a mayor and a US senator together in the same building with about 200 voters for an election that had nothing to do with politics? 

Today’s Vote Votto Lunch at Great American Ball Park was very well attended by dignitaries and fans alike, all after 1 thing…free pizza!….oh and the chance to vote Joey Votto onto the 2010 National League All-Star team!

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory was joined this afternoon by US Senator Sherrod Brown, along with approximately 200 Joey Votto fans in doing their rightful duty by “Voting Votto.”

Here are the photos..



Mayor Mallory (left) and Senator Brown (right) click away for Joey.












Several BOR readers were unable to make today’s lunch but still participated on Twitter…here’s the roll call:

I spent about 30 minutes voting yesterday, probably 45 times. Apparently no limit to repeat votes! – jinazreds

Woke up early this morning to squeeze in 30 minutes of #VoteVotto before work. – starrylkj

On the menu today: turkey sandwich, sweet potato chips, and homemade pecan pie! – ArmandoHolguin

Even though I won’t be at GABP sadly, you know I’ll be voting! I think my boss wants everyone to vote so I get back to work! Ha! – sweetmelissakae

Turkey Tom….Choc Chip Cookie & Coke for lunch while I #VoteVotto – lovemyreds17

x2_1ddd234.jpg86 votes on my lunch in the Dark Knight. On the road makin’ deals happen for votto/Cintas! – DrWhiskey694

Chicken salad, pita chips, water while voting #Votto. Got my coworkers to vote also. – 19sgirl

I’m voting & today I have the family voting with me while eating pizza #votevotto – Chelsiemoody

Just voted 20+ times for Votto and will vote some more later. #VoteVotto – RedsFan47

I may be in NY, but I can still #VoteVotto! Which I am doing through my BB and enjoying a nice NY bagel. – kdoster


126370815.jpgSpreading the Votto love at the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum w/ @missblanton – kjknapp123

Eating an egg salad sandwich and drinking lemonade while voting over and over and over again! – AnnieHosty

I’m having Easy Mac and voting Votto on a hijacked iPhone. #VoteVotto – AniRayne33

Had homemade meatloaf, baked beans and potato salad, and voted at least 50-60 times for #votevotto. – Aherr44

Hope the #VoteVotto lunch is going well…..I will make sure my other peeps know to vote as well. – jonadkinsWV

Going to eat a #MiamiU Chicken Club sandwich, but I have already done a bit of #VoteVotto – JotaEseTheGeek

126385417-869c039cd64dd464fde4d858851557a2_4c34dcc0-full.jpgI ate Charlie Manuel’s soul for lunch while Reggie Miller & I both voted for Joey. #VoteVotto – GaryVengeance (who else)

I’m voting between meetings while eating cake from a friend’s bridal shower.#VoteVotto – redsfastball

Cheddar brats, cheese & crackers, grape soda, online voting & text voting via Sprint #VoteVotto  – 34inXXIII

Meatball Sub, 25 Times and Counting #VoteVotto – BrianJDavis

ok…was so wrapped up in #VoteVotto, almost forgot lunch. Apple Pecan Chicken salad and more #VoteRed votes than I can track! – sweetmelissakae

Doing things backwards today, had lunch #votevotto at GABP, now home to have my morning coffee. – AmyPerry04

IMG_2450.jpgI own a guitar store in Columbus, IN and I’m making all view this Vote Votto poster. –ryaneversole

126429897.jpg#VoteVotto is taking over Greenville, SC! – kjknapp123

Highlights of today’s lunch: #VoteVotto and the last Rainier cherries of the summer. – starrylkj


Good job, everyone!  You guys rock…seriously!

Thank you, so very much.  I got to chat with a lot of blog readers today and it was so fun getting to put faces to names.  Also, the kind words you showered me with was quite humbling.  You all are so nice.  Thank you very very much.


PS – Happy Birthday Rob Butcher and Mary Beth Muething!

Boston Marathon Post Race.JPG




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Great work, great event! Where is Big the Intern?

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