Pregame photos from New York courtesy of Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher



Shun-sational!  Shun Miyamura, former Reds media relations intern who’s now working in the New York office for the Yomiuri Giants.  One of my all-time favorite guys.



Sondra and Luke Gabbard of Fairfield (OH) at Citi Field.


The Vote Votto lawn signs are pouring in fast and furious!


Hi Jamie,

Here are a couple of pictures of our “Vote Red” yard sign.

My son, Paul, is a die-hard Reds fan and thinks it’s crazy to even consider having an All-Star game without Joey Votto. Since he goes to school in Sycamore he’s also happy to help out fellow Ave, Kevin Youkilis, with some votes. Here he is with pal and neighbor, Jason Berry and Jason’s dog, Youk. Jason’s a Boston transplant who brought his love of the Red Sox with him to Redleg country. The other photo includes Jason’s sister, Maya who was also born a Bo Sox fan. Even though they don’t root for the same team, Paul, Jason and Maya (and Youk) all agree that everyone should VOTE RED!!!!

Love the blog. Keep up the great work!

Jill Whaley



Votto poster.jpg

Here’s a yard sign that I, my fiancee Julie, and her daughter Beth put up in our front yard in Plain City, Ohio.

Brian Klay



Here is my Vote Votto window on my car.  The Vote Votto campaign is headed to the Bats game tonight to encourage people to vote for Joey. 

Christy Holcombe


Joey Votto002.jpg

An outstanding painting by loyal Better Off Red reader Beatrice Derffo.  Wow!


Good work, everyone!!  Keep the Vote Votto lawn signs coming!  Email them to me at

Don’t forget tomorrow’s Vote Votto lunch at Great American Ball Park!  You’re invited!  (Free pizza!)…See today’s earlier blog entry for details.

You folks are the best.  I think I kind of know how Joey Votto feels in having such great people supporting him.

Thank you!  Hope to see you tomorrow!!!



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