Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in today’s live-action Vote Reds Lunch at Great American Ball Park!  Great turnout!

And a big ‘thank you’ goes out to those who couldn’t make it to the park but still participated via email and Twitter! 

Below are photos from today’s event, followed by the Twitter/Email roll call…



Wasn’t able to make it to GABP to attend the #votereds lunch with @Jamieblog but I did just do my part by maxing out my all of my emails – BigRade

I’m having Easy Mac and voting on my old email. #VoteReds – AniRayne33

50 more for #votereds. this steak wrap, unlike our redlegs, left something to be desired. – dinner_roll

Just voted 25 times for Bruce, Cabrera, Gomes, Phillips, Rolen, Votto, and Stubbs. #VoteReds #VoteLunch #VoteVotto – RedsFan47

50 votes for the reds, and a waffle. #VoteReds – SwarlesBarkley

122640949-5a53e789e32bfa6c1514cf98efc88486_4c2a2d98-full.jpg75 gladly given and well deserved All-Star votes for my Cincinnati Reds!…Sesame Chicken for lunch! GO REDS!!- MBM71

with @teamdoster down for the count I stayed home and voted 100x this #VoteReds lunch – Kdoster

I voted till my fingers bled & drank a gallon of @MisterRedlegs’ tears for lunch. #VoteReds #VoteRamsey – GaryVengeance

left my lunch at home, so its just me and a warm can of Tahitian Treat taking time to #VoteReds – RobbyKiley

I just got most of my office to vote on work e-mails AND personal e-mails. A few didn’t join, so we’ll be sure to belittle them. – SigmaChi1219

in honor of Scotty’s 300th hr, my mission is to find enough emails to #VoteReds 300 times while enjoying a cobb salad. Half way! – sweetmelissakae

Voted 50 times while not eating lunch cuz of medicine. Medicine being protected by BPhils glove! – DrWhiskey694

x2_1c73b3f.jpgSince I can’t be there in person. I am here in South Carolina voting. No food just coffee. #votereds – AmyPerry04

#VoteReds breakfast: yogurt with strawberries and granola. 212 votes for our “everyday we expect to win” Reds. – starrylkj

My peach of a significant other went all #VoteReds happy last night for a total of 175 votes down the line for our cause. #Reds – jason_hickey

125 votes tonite, I’m out of e-mails! #VoteReds – rslack37

25 votes with some pizza and black coffee – Zach Bonkowski


Thanks folks!  Just because we had the last Vote Reds lunch today, doesn’t mean the voting is over!  The “polls” close at midnight Thursday.  So you have time to get your Reds votes in HERE! 


PS – You all rock.  Thanks for the support.  It’s truly humbling.



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