What kind of low-life would I be if I didn’t allow a few late Tennessee submissions to the Better Off Red Reds State Challenge?  I don’t want to be “that” guy…Especially when it comes to the first little guy below….

image.pngGrowing up around Cincy, I’ve loved the Reds forever.

I have the honor of performing the national anthem every other year or so.

(pictured): my 1st born’s 1st Reds game last season.

Chad Jarnagin
Franklin, TN


I don’t have any pictures handy but i grew up just south of Cincy in Grant Co., KY. I moved to northwest TN in 1997 and brought my love for the Reds with me to Cardinals country. My father in law is a die hard Cards fan, which makes conversation at the Sunday dinner table very interesting this year. Mark another one down for TN!!! Go REDS!! 

Thanks a lot,

Scott Delaney
Puryear, TN


IMG00012-20100628-2122.jpgThis is my ‘Little Red Machine’! We are so proud of this year’s team!

Michael & Levi Detwiler
Cookeville, TN


From my colleague Michael Anderson, who is soooo “Team Jacob”… 

Last night was the inaugural Reds Birthday Babies Night at Great American Ball Park. In partnership with TriHealth, all babies born at Good Samaritan & Bethesda North Hospitals beginning in 2009 have been eligible to sign up for the Reds Birthday Babies program, free of charge. Last night’s event was presented by Pampers. During pregame ceremonies, over 200 newborn babies and their proud parents paraded around the field.



This past Monday in Fairfield, a dedication ceremony for the recently renovated and newly named Marty & Joe Field took place at Waterworks Park.  The field is named after longtime Reds broadcast partners, Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall.

The field project, in conjunction with Scotts, the City of Fairfield and the Fairfield Youth Baseball Association, culminates a series of projects at Waterworks Park including the Joe Nuxhall Pavilion and Joe Nuxhall statue.

The field is home to the Reds Community Fund’s Rookie Success League of Butler County, a free, coed, character-building, introductory baseball/softball summer camp for kids 6 to 12 years old.



It’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous night for baseball tonight at GABP.  I hope you all have a chance to make it to the park.  If not, follow my Tweets at 

My mom, who goes to 1 game every year (Opening Day) is even coming down to the park tonight!  I almost fainted just typing that…


You guys might not think much of the “thank you’s” I dish out at the end of most of my posts here on Better Off Red, but I can’t stress to you enough that they are sincere and legit.   I’m truly grateful that you take the time out to log on and read my nonsense.  It’s quite something and I’m very appreciative.

I’ll be back soon with some pregame photos…




I love the babies sporting the Gomes style faux-hawk…hahaha

And, thank you for adding onto your already long days at the ballpark to take pictures, write blog entries, and make us feel a bit more connected to our team and each other. You’re the coolest.

Hi Jamie, haven’t commented for a while but I read the blog everyday. Just wanted to let you know one of your loyalist readers is still around; and your unique style is looked forward to and appricated every day. THANKS!!

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