Important announcements from Better Off Red Headquarters

The Better Off Red Tailgating Crew convenes for its first get-together of the season prior to the Reds/Royals game this Saturday (June 12th) in the Fat Cats parking lot on East Pete Rose Way.

If this is “Reds Country” or if there is indeed a “Reds Nation,” the BOR Tailgating Crew wants to start putting faces to names.  So come on out this Saturday and have a family-friendly, wholesome good time with fellow Reds fans. 

Hopefully, this can become a weekly event when the team is in town.


The Better Off Red party will take place either Friday (the 18th) or Saturday (the 19th) when the Reds are in Seattle.  Details are still being worked out and are forthcoming. 


I have a few updates concerning the BOR Reds State Challenge.

Alabama was cheated of one extra submission last week due to my super-strict spam folder. 

Let’s take a look at who I missed…


Hope all is well.  It was good to meet you in Pittsburgh.  I have attached a picture of a few Reds fans in Montgomery, Alabama.  It’s myself, son-Ethan, and daughter-Grace.  Grace’s favorite players are Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Coco Cordero.  Ethan just likes the bobbleheads, for now.

Lifelong Reds fan(like my father), originally from New Orleans, and grew up going to Houston to see the remnants of the Big Red Machine in the late 70’s/early 80’s, everytime they came to town.  We don’t miss a game, via satellite, now.

Anyway, War Eagle and Go Reds from Montgomery.
Love the blog, keep up the good work.

Eric Levanda

As Eric mentioned, we met in Pittsburgh and I can vouch that he’s a big-time supporter of the Redlegs.  Although I didn’t get a chance to meet Ethan and Grace, they look like they’re well on their way to becoming loyal Reds rooters just like dad. 

Thanks Eric!  Sorry I missed your email last week.  You now bring Alabama’s total to 5.

Remember how Arkansas was the only state shutout of the Challenge?  Well, I’ve decided to bend the rules a little bit and allow The Natural State to be represented, albeit with a late submission…


Dear Mr Ramsey,

I just learned about your blog and I noticed you were going state by state looking for Cincinnati Reds fans from different states.  Sadly, I missed when you did the state of Arkansas. Also, I noticed that you did not have any reds fans email you from “The Natural State”.  Sadly, I believe I am one of the very few Reds fans that exist down here.  It is a hard life being surrounded by Cardinal fans who think they are superior to anything and everything baseball……

Now,  I work for an investment bank in Little Rock, Arkansas and keep up with the Reds through MLB Gameday.  It is sad that I come home every night and watch pitch by pitch on an animated screen but that is what happens when you get very few Reds games on T.V. I cherish the series’ when we play Chicago, St Louis, Houston, or occasionally Texas because these games are the only games i get to watch on T.V. However, I have to deal with the worst announcing crews in the world.  Too bad I can’t get Jeff or Marty. 


Shane S. Stolz (far left in the #9 jersey)

Better late than never, Shane.  Thanks for the nice email.

Remember, this week is Wyoming’s week.  If you’re a Reds fan from Wyoming and want to participate in the Better Off Red Reds State Challenge, simply email me the photographic proof (


And speaking of photos…here are a few of Reds #1 draft pick, Yasmani Grandal:

JJ7F9028 c.jpg
IMG_9162small.jpgGrandal played on the 2009 Collegiate National Team.  These photos are courtesy of USA Baseball.


Johnny Cueto has been the victim of 5 blown saves, according to Elias Sports Bureau the most for any pitcher in the Major Leagues.


Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll be back in a bit with more stuff.

Thanks so much for logging on.  I really appreciate it!



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