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• Drew Stubbs’ RBI single in the top of the tenth inning proved to be a game winner for the Reds at Washington.  The Reds have won the last seven road games they’ve played that went to extra innings (since June 10, 2009).  It’s the longest streak of its kind for any major-league team since the Marlins won seven straight extra-inning games on the road spanning the 2008 and 2009 seasons and it’s the first time that Cincinnati has fashioned a streak of that length since they set a franchise record with eight straight wins in overtime games on the road from 1944 to 1945.


The Better Off Red Reds State Challenge continues this week with Wyoming

wyoming_90.jpgIf you’re a Reds fan from the “Equality State,” prove it by sending me the photographic evidence (

Jm J. Bullock, “Buffalo” Bill Cody and Tom Browning are a few notable folks from Wyoming.  All 3 may/may not be long-time Reds fans. 

Actually, rumor has it that “Buffalo” Bill  was the first member of the Reds Cap Club.  He allegedly had a wishbone “C” stitched on his 10-gallon Stetson and sat around the saloon faithfully listening to Mercury Marty call the play-by-play to all the games.

Anyway, this is your week to shine Wyoming!

Alabama finished strong last week with their fourth and final submission coming from Lowell and James Urban of Northport, AL:

 Hey Jamie Ramsey!
My family LOVES the Cincinnati Reds!  My son, James and I are the biggest fans!  As a matter of fact we just got back from watching them take 2 out of 3 from the Astros over the Memorial Day weekend (What a show of offense!).  You’ll see a photo I have attached of James and me in front of a cherished collection of Reds memorabilia.
Even though I have never lived outside of “Sweet Home Alabama,” I have been a tried and true Reds fan my whole life.  I went with my Dad (who was born and raised in Ohio) to my first games in 1973.  We sat in the green seats at Riverfront Stadium and saw the Big Red Machine play a doubleheader with the Mets.  I was hooked.  As I grew older and “smarter” than my Dad, our relationship strained.  During those times, even when we couldn’t talk about anything else, we could always talk about the Reds.  It was a connection I will always cherish.
We are currently residents of Northport, Alabama, which is attached to Tuscaloosa – home to Nick Saban and the 2009 National Champion Crimson Tide!  We know what tradition is all about and we know what it takes to win.  I see the same things happening in Cincinnati that have taken place at the University of Alabama over the past few years.  Though the paths are not identical by any means, I believe that the Reds are also recovering a winning tradition that will continue beyond 2010, just as the Crimson Tide has done.  Right now the Redlegs have discipline, depth, and determination.  These vital qualities frame the heart and soul of the Big Red Renaissance which awaits all of the persevering faithful!  Just as Alabama fans know, Cincinnati fans must learn again.  None of this can guarantee a championship in and of itself.  However, all of it will absolutely guarantee the opportunity to compete for one.  And that is worth the wait!
Go Reds!!!
Lowell and James Urban

Lowell and James - Reds fans extraordinaire.jpgVery well done guys!  Thanks for the email and the photo!

So let’s take a look at the leaderboard, shall we?



That’s all for now.  Today’s Farm Report and my photos Saturday from Louisville will be up shortly….

Thanks for logging on!  I greatly appreciate it!!



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Well done, Jamie! Thanks as always.

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