Thanks to all of you who participated today on Twitter and email in the Vote Rolen Lunch.  It was a delicious success!

Roll call of those who voted:

Just voted 25 times for #voterolen #votevotto #votereds…for my lunch i’ll be having a hotdog, baked beans, and macaroni salad. – Aherr44

I shalt be eating Subway and voting for Sir Scott Rolen. – sullymang

97vr.jpgHere is the aftermath of my lunch. (One guess as to what I ate.) #VoteRolen #VoteRamsey – GaryVengeance

x2_180c91b.jpgthough Vaughn isn’t a Reds fan, he knows his AllStars. Helped vote 25x – kdoster

x2_180c936.jpgVoted 10 times and I had American Chinese food. Yum! #VoteRolen – Reddy_Dean

oh i didnt know i could vote again so I am voting, for lunch today coffee – AmyPerry04

Left Coast VoteRolen Pancake breakfast voted 25 times earlier this morning Put a C on Captain Rolens Uni BTW! #reds#voterolen#MLB – CincygySteveS

#voterolen lunch = swedish fish. & I voted 50 times.#votevotto #votegomes love this idea btw. – ChelsieMoody

I’m having a slim jim for lunch and will be voting 25 times for Bruce/Phillips/Rolen//Votto. #Reds #VoteVotto #VoteRolen #Bruce – Redsfan47

A fresh market salmon wrap w/ kashi fire roasted crackers. Im using a friends email address. 25 (more) votes for #voterolen #reds – jason_hickey

voted my 25 times today. Nothing for lunch. Saving up for a healthy dinner of Redbirds #voterolen – jgent15

sorry lunch menu today, chips and baloney sandwich~ #voteRolen voted 25 times but may run out of email address to use! – ArmandoHolguin

more votes for Scott (and Joey). Played Viva La Vida on the ipod and made frowny faces while voting in Scott’s honor.  Lunch is Lemon Pepper Fish with rice and broccoli (Lean Cuisine again)  – MBM71

Got in my 25 votes and I am enjoying Ramen Noodles. #VoteRolen #VoteVotto #VoteReds – JFreeman83

I am having #TacoBell and I voted for Rolen 25 times, as well as Votto. #VoteRolen #VoteVotto – dukedynamite

deli sandwich, and 25 votes for Lunch Pale (rolen) and votto! – critter_4

50 more for rolen as I pick at my greek salad – dinner_roll

Sadly, same lunch as last week (turkey sandwich, sun chips, grapes), but this time 50 All-Star Votes! #VoteRolen – bldoug75

#voteRolen 25 times and had tuna on wheat crakers. – laelatb

voted 25 times while eating some delicious chipotle. #VoteRolen – SwarlesBarkley_

175 votes for #voterolen and #votevotto and a turkey sandwich?…check! – cincyredlegs54

I just votoed for votto 25 times #votevotto – molly7337

50 votes, hot dog w/stadium mustard, deviled eggs, chips and potato salad (holiday leftovers). #voterolen – Lukesfather

#VoteRolen Put me down for 25 more! – wight4256

just picked up Cashew Nut Chicken from the best Thai place (way spicy) and am midway through 1st 25 for #VoteRolen #VoteReds – sweetmelissakae

hey I did it right last week & voted ALL #reds last week during #votevotto! – pinklibrarybook

Sorry, only had the two hands….turkey sandwich, salt-n-vinegar potato chips and iced tea. Maxed out three E-mail addresses! – richardlexsmith

Epic fail on me! I forgot about lunch, but I will make up for it by voting 50 more times riiiiiiiiiight now! – julione85

50 times #VoteRolen – lisabraun

Another 100 votes for all the Reds Starters followed with a great Philly Cheese from Penn Station.  Great win last night, Go REDS! – Grant from Troy, MI

Nice work, everyone!  Let’s do it again next week.  I’m thinking a certain left fielder who wears #31 might have to be our focus…

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Be back in a second with more stuff…


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Awesome site, just found it a couple of days ago. I have done my part to vote these guys in. Voted 25 times under 3 different emails

Go Reds!

After seeing the latest”>>latest standings, I’m wondering what else we can do to get these guys at least into the top 5. Out of the three games I attended over the weekend, I was only given a paper ballot at one of them. How about an in-park voting drive like the Marlins did?

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