The Reds scored 3 times in the 5th thanks to back-to-back homers from Chris Heisey (pinch hit HR) and Drew Stubbs (inside-the-park HR)…Stubbs went 3-for-3.  Cincinnati scored 3 more in the 6th on home runs by Scott Rolen and Laynce NixAaron Harang gave up 1 run on 6 hits over 5.0 innings to notch his first victory of the spring.  Mariners starter Doug Fister’s night ended prematurely when he was hit on the shoulder by a batted ball in the first inning.  Milton Bradley was ejected was in the 4th inning for arguing balls and strikes.  The game ended when Jack Wilson was doubled up off first base on a fly ball to left.  Wilson appeared to have thought there were 2 outs when there was only 1.


Better Off Red Question of the Game: What would you rather endure – getting hit by an Aroldis Chapman fastball or having to listen to Jeff Brantley sing the latest Black Eyed Peas album in its entirety?


John and Andrea Andre from Norwood, OH 

John: “I think I’d like to hear Brantley try to sing.”

Andrea: “I’ll go with Brantley.”


Chris Polland from Denver, CO

Chris: “I’ll go with Brantley.  I don’t wanna get hit with a fastball and I like the Cowboy.  He seems like he’s got some good pipes on him!” 


Ron and Kevin McCollum from Dayton, OH

Ron: “I’d rather listen to Brantley than get hit by a fastball from Chapman.”

Kevin: “I’d rather get hit by a fastball.”


Kathy Lipton from Cincinnati and Jodi Murphy from Goodyear

Kathy: “Fastball, absolutely.”

Jodi: “Anything from Chris Dickerson.”


Bonnie and Cameron Johnson

Cameron: “I’d  rather get hit by the fastball.”

Bonnie: “I don’t know who either person is.”


That’s all for now…I’m hanging out with the “Loose Cannon” John Fay tonight and he’s ready to go…so, I’ll talk to ya tomorrow!





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