According to scouts with radar guns at today’s Reds/Royals game, Aroldis Chapman pitched a baseball 102 miles per hour and actually dialed it up into triple digits more than once this afternoon. 

Here are some photos, including a frame by frame shot of Chapman’s first official Cactus League Pitch…


As a batter, imagine having to face Daniel Ray Herrera’s 68mph screwball two innings after Aroldis dealt you a 102mph heater.  Simply not fair.  It’s the difference between getting cursed at for driving too slow on the interstate or getting your license suspended for driving too fast.  You can’t win.


Today’s first pitch…oh by the way, just because they didn’t hit triple digits on the gun shouldn’t discount the fine outings by both Bronson Arroyo and Homer Bailey.  Both pitched lights-out.




It was a pleasure to chat with national sportswriter and fellow Miami University alum Terence Moore this afternoon.  I’ve always been a fan of his work.  I’ll admit I didn’t know he went to Miami until chatting with him today.  Apparently he noticed that the Reds media guide mentions “played collegiately at the esteemed Miami University” in some of our minor leaguers’ bios.  Terence has a keen eye for brilliance…and why wouldn’t he, he went to Miami.


Today was the last day of filming for the Reds News Network.  That means I’ll return full-time to my media relations duties on Wednesday….I’m giving a tour tomorrow of the Reds Spring Training facilities to a real-life non-baseball celebrity…check the blog tomorrow for details.

That’s all for now…

I hope you all are enjoying the photos from Arizona.  I’ll be able to provide more “stuff” when my work duties return to normal.

As always, thanks so much for logging on.  I really appreciate sharing all of this with you…

Be safe, have fun and pursue happiness…and never “take one for the team” when the opposing pitcher is throwing 100+ mph.



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